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   Chapter 1051 A Pair Of Rings (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6013

Updated: 2019-02-05 00:39

"What are you talking about?" Claire asked anxiously. She bolted upright all of a sudden, showing serious concern on this issue.

"Think about it. Leena does not come from a family as wealthy as ours. I'm pretty sure she cannot afford the luxuries. She is probably counting on Aunt Shannon to buy her expensive stuff - things she couldn't imagine buying in her ordinary life. We must be very careful, just in case she tricks Aunt Shannon into purchasing her things that she can't afford by herself," Louisa explained solemnly. She was good at reading people's minds, finding out their weaknesses and making good use of them. She knew what Claire cared about most and what made her jealous easily. Louisa deliberately picked up the issue that she knew would provoke Claire for sure. Louisa didn't care that she had just made it all up on the spot. All she wanted and needed was Claire's anger and hostility that Louisa knew she could make good use of later on.

"Would Leena do that? How dare she?! This is too problematic of her and should be given serious thought. I remember when I went out with them the other day, all the clothes she chose were from world-famous brands. She looked like she knew a lot about fashion. I know for a fact that she bought everything using my brother's money; it was he who paid for all of them. And Leena, that little bitch, she herself didn't even pay a single penny for them!" Claire said, with her face turning red. Apparently she was successfully provoked by Louisa's words, just as the latter had wished for. As she thought of the clothes Leena had bought and their exorbitant prices, Claire's ire grew. How come a simple T-shirt bought by Leena was more expensive than Claire's own several dresses combined? The money Leena had spent that day was probably wort

you," Claire said. Though she was still a little unwilling to go out, Claire decided to help Louisa. 'It is Louisa who should be Kevin's wife and my sister-in-law after all, not that annoying Leena, ' she thought. Interestingly, she shared Louisa's opinion and knew that they should look better than Leena, so Claire quickly dressed up and put on her full-face makeup. As both of them walked out of the room together, they saw Leena walk down the stairs elegantly, her long hair swaying along as she took her steps, with a pleasant fragrance dispersed in the air around her. She exuded a strong confidence. Upon seeing this, Louisa and Claire had to admit, though reluctantly, that Leena had beauty and charisma. Leena didn't need to wear pretty clothes or put on a lot of makeup to look good, which made them even more envious. She was like a princess, like a real aristocrat. Leena was graceful but also lively. The vivacious naughtiness in a mature, charming lady like her was perfectly appropriate, and it made her lovelier and even more adorable. She looked like she was born this stunning. Her innate noble temperament radiated so brilliantly that they couldn't move their eyes away from her.

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