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   Chapter 1050 The Symbol Of Love (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7136

Updated: 2019-02-05 00:26

"You tell me. If I were you, Louisa, I wouldn't be hitting on someone else's hubby. Think about it. If he's unfaithful to me then he'll be unfaithful to you, too. Do you really want that kind of heartache?" Leena believed in fate. If two people were meant to be together, nothing could separate them. If they weren't, there wasn't much anyone could do about it.

"You're just saying that because Kevin is with you right now. But he doesn't love you. I still have a chance with him." What Leena said didn't bother Louisa at all. She already had a plan. Once she and Kevin were together, she had her own schemes to make him all hers, and no one else's.

"He doesn't love me? Says who?" Leena simply smiled. Make no mistake, she was pissed off, but she wasn't going to show it. She wouldn't give Louisa the satisfaction.

"Humph! You think he loves you? You should recognize this necklace." Louisa pulled out the necklace she was wearing from under her clothes, believing that Leena would freak out once she saw it. It was Kevin's birthday gift to her.

"Why? Am I supposed to recognize it?" Leena asked, biting her lip. A wave of sadness crashed through her body. 'Kevin, weren't you in love with Daisy? Why did you give this girl a priceless necklace like that? Are you a cheater like other men?' she thought.

"Come on, Leena. You must have seen this necklace before. On second thought, it's a gift from Kevin. I see why he never told you about it." A smug smile spread across Louisa's face. Louisa loved to play with the truth, bend it, twist it, letting others draw their own conclusions from what she didn't say as much as they might do from her words. It was a lie, but she just loved the look on Leena's face when she was crushed. 'Now let's see, ' she thought.

"It's just a gift, Miss Ye, as you said. Why should I care?" Leena's tone betrayed no emotion. But deep down, she cared a great deal. When Kevin returned from training last time, he got her nothing, but managed to give Louisa this uberexpensive necklace. Clearly, she was nothing to him. She began to think back to last night, and the sweet words he had said to

he didn't think his mom would ask Claire to tag along, in case Claire picked on Leena again.

"Never mind. I'm going upstairs too." Louisa had always wanted to be by Kevin's side. To be more accurate, she wanted to be with him 24/7. Right now, in the yard, it was just her and Kevin, but she didn't stick around, which seemed fishy.

Kevin didn't stop her. He simply nodded and followed her inside to get his coat and phone.

"Claire, your mom and brother are going shopping. Are you going with them?" Louisa asked. Claire was reading a magazine with her legs crossed.

"What? They're leaving the house again? I'll pass. Mom doesn't seem to like me much these days. Forget it. I'll stay here and listen to music and read. It's better than getting my ass chewed. Besides, it's cold outside." Apparently, Claire wasn't enthusiastic about going. In fact, she couldn't wait to stay away from them right now. Louisa thought she was hurt and really wanted to go, but her pride wouldn't let her.

"But aren't you worried that your mom is going to buy things for Leena?" Louisa prodded. Seeing Claire's reaction, she was anxious. Instead of staying at home and wildly guessing what they were shopping for, she preferred to tag along and keep everything under her watch. After all, you never knew when a good opportunity to gain the upper hand would present itself. She needed to persuade Claire to go, so she could, too.

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