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   Chapter 1048 Can I Trust You (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5851

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"I, I, I. What are you trying to say? Don't just stand around. Go and wash up for lunch," Shannon shouted at Claire, looking past Louisa. Then, she turned around and walked to the kitchen. During this time, she didn't spare a word or even a glance at Louisa. She might as well not have even been there.

"I know, I know. I'm wrong every time, and someone else is always right." Claire gave Leena a thoughtful look. Obviously,"someone else" meant Leena.

"Hi, Kevin. You're back." Louisa finally got the chance to say hello to Kevin. As far as she was concerned, Kevin was the only person here worth paying attention to. As for Leena, well, she just ignored her altogether.

"Ummm... Leena, let's go! Didn't you say that you wanted to help Mom?" Kevin snorted coldly from his nose. He made it clear that he did not want to talk to Louisa. Thinking quickly, he urged Leena to go to the kitchen and went with her. He'd rather help cook than talk with this love-crazed girl.

Leena also looked at Louisa. Just like the others, she said nothing and hastily followed Kevin into the kitchen. She still bore a grudge, and definitely didn't feel like smiling at her.

"Claire, does you mom not like me? She won't even really talk to me. And Kevin's not talking to me either." Louisa was taken aback by Shannon and Kevin's behaviors. She was always very proud of herself and could not bear to be snubbed. Therefore, she felt very lonely and could only ask Claire what was going on.

"Naw, you're taking things too personally, Louisa. Don't think too much about it. My mom is like that. She's busy right now, and can't spare a lot of attention for people she doesn't know. It's not that she hates you or anything. Just get used to it. She'll be friendli

eemed that this girl was perpetually confused. And he knew what his mom was doing. She was deliberately staying away from the kitchen. She just wanted to spare a room for him and Leena to stay together. It really made them look like newlyweds.

"Ah! Okay. I really didn't notice that. So, is Dad eating lunch here?" Leena still felt confused and worried. Until now, she was not ready to face Nathan. Because his harsh and awesome domination was something she had never encountered before. So, she was still uncertain about running into him again.

"No. He normally comes home at night. What's the matter?" Kevin turned around and looked at her.

"Nothing, I'm just asking. Leena felt relieved to hear it. She finally could stop her heart from beating so fast. If Nathan only came back at night, she still had some time to prepare for the meeting.

"Worried that he'll scold you again? Don't worry, I'm here. I'll be with you." But Kevin felt guilty. If he had been there with her, instead of chatting with someone, then his father wouldn't have done that. Kevin could have shut him up and shielded Leena. It was all his fault that things turned out this way.

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