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   Chapter 1047 Can I Trust You (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6406

Updated: 2019-02-04 00:58

"Hah! Don't bother! I'll get you a bath towel!" Kevin got out of the bed, naked. He had a nice body, so why not? But when Leena saw him, she couldn't help screaming and hid herself in the quilt. She felt that seeing him like that was not right. So, she became even more embarrassed, with?her?heart?pounding madly?in?her?body and both ears turning red.

Kevin stopped when he heard her cry out. He turned back, only to find the girl hiding herself completely in the bedding. Looking down on his desire pointing straight out, he finally figured it out and smiled. It seemed that his girl was so simple that she fussed over his naked body every time. Even though they had been naked so many times, her conservative side still won out sometimes. What a shy little girl! He turned back to the bathroom, leaving the room to his girl.

Leena only stuck her head out of the quilt after hearing the sounds of the shower. He was in the bathroom now, right? Leena finally relaxed. After all, if she had a repeat of last night, then she definitely wouldn't be leaving the bed today. She trembled when she thought of that tireless perpetual motion man!

But her relieved heart soon started worrying again. There was still the matter of dealing with the fallout from yesterday's incident. She had to face the Gu family sometime, and now was as good a time as any. And yes, Louisa was also there. Had Louisa finally won the rest of the family over? Would they become even more disgusted with her. This was what she cared about most at this moment.

How she wished she could go back in time. In that case, she would probably be more rational, and became less impulsive. Then she wouldn't be in the pickle she was in.

However, it was hard for her to escape even though she was eager to run away. So she finally bit the bullet and went back to the in-laws'. When she stood at the door of the Gu house, she could not help being pa

That was why Claire said those acid remarks without any consideration for others. She only said what she thought and what made her happy and never thought how it would hurt other people.

Leena turned to Kevin immediately when she heard what he said. She was surprised that Kevin would even raise a hand to Claire. And why didn't she know this?

Shannon also felt shocked to find this out. How did stubborn, opinionated Claire keep this to herself? Surely she would have run to Daddy and had him deal with it. But she didn't, and that just showed how much, deep down, she really loved Kevin. Her family was everything to her.

"I ..." Claire looked at Kevin again. She opened?her mouth?several times?but?no words came out. Kevin's fierce eyes cowed her. After all, in this family, she might not care about what anybody else thought, but she had to consider the feelings of her own brother. Kevin was not like her parents, who would let her do anything she wanted. Kevin was strict and cold with her, never sparing her a tender look. He had a frigid coolness in his eyes when he looked at her. That was why she hated Leena so much. Because when her elder brother gazed at Leena, his eyes were so tender and soft. She'd never gotten that kind of affection from her brother.

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