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   Chapter 1044 A Frank Talk (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6332

Updated: 2019-02-04 00:39

"Ah! So it's already that late? What shall we do? Mom must be worried a lot!" The woman said as she jumped out of the bed. She almost fell down as she did it too carelessly. It was fortunate that Kevin was right there and caught her in his arms even before she hit the floor.

"It's okay. Mom said that we don't need to hurry back. Don't be nervous. We can stay here for tonight." The man put his coat around her tiny body considerably. It was a bit cold inside the room.

"Really? Didn't you say that to comfort me?" Leena felt a bit shy with how his arms remained wrapped around her. Kevin's continuous gentleness made her face turn red.

"You don't believe it? No problem. We can call Mom to prove it." The man said as he pretended to fish his phone to make a call to his mother.

"Stop! Didn't you say let's eat something? Let's go now!" Leena rejected Kevin's offer instantly without even thinking twice. She wasn't ready to go back home and face Shannon yet. She acted so childishly earlier and she was too embarrassed about it.

"Are you going downstairs like this? Why don't you go and clean yourself a bit before we go for the dinner?" Kevin suppressed his laugh and then gave her messy look a quick once-over.

"Oh! I forgot it. Hold on. I'll finish it soon." Leena stuck her tongue out naughtily and ran to the restroom. She was happy until she stepped in the restroom and saw her face in the mirror. Her smile automatically melted. She looked at the mirror agonizingly and examined how bad her frustration was showing on her face. All her disguise disappeared completely at that moment.

She walked out of that room, refreshed after cleaning herself. There was not even a trace of unhappiness on her face at all. She was far from who she was just seconds ago. Leena couldn't help but mock herself silently as she thought that she should probably become an actress and play o

General seemed to become more cunning.

"Please, take a seat!" Leena said to the housekeeper and frowned slightly. They had a lot of servants in their family. However, this situation where the masters ate while the servant stood beside never happened at her home

"Mrs. Gu. I'm not supposed to have dinner with you." The housekeeper waved her hand to reject the offer in a hurry. She would not accept such advice because she believed that servants were not supposed to have meals with their masters.

"It's okay! Take a seat and join us! We're family and you don't need to be too polite with us," Kevin also joined Leena to persuade the servant. He would feel more unacceptable and intolerable to enjoy dinner with somebody watching than Leena. As an enthusiastic soldier, he would never be comfortable with that thought as he believed in equality. There was no such thing as class difference to him.

"Yes! Major General and Leena are very easy-going. You can get along with them well. Don't worry. Just sit down and have dinner with us! The more people, the merrier, right?" said Lee. He and Kevin had always got along with each other in a comfortable way, be it inside or outside the army base. Kevin just simply didn't care about hierarchy and such.

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