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   Chapter 1043 A Frank Talk (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5735

Updated: 2019-02-04 00:25

Leena might have slept for a long time. It didn't mean that she had slept quietly though. She had mumbled, tossed, and sometimes, talked in her dreams. She also did a lot of sluggish gestures the whole time she was in bed. Needless to say, she was undoubtedly drunk.

It was the minor hangover that welcomed Leena as soon as she woke up in a daze. She couldn't help but stretch her arm and attempt to knock her throbbing head slightly. She was only a split second away from the first knock when a huge hand suddenly caught her wrist immediately and made her jerk out of her wits.

"Don't do it. You already have an addle head. You might just worsen the case if you do it." Kevin smiled with spoiling eyes. He never anticipated Leena to sleep for such a long time. He was actually a bit anxious earlier as he waited for her to wake up. There were even sometimes when he put his finger close to her nose just to feel her breath as if he was afraid that she would not wake up anymore.

"Kevin, why are you here?" Leena was completely shocked and had lost all her composure. She had never expected him to appear before her at all!

"You guess." Kevin tidied her messy long hair as he replied. He didn't have a plan to ask her why she ran away. He was thoughtful enough to understand that those sad and awkward questions would just annoy her.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to run away from home. I just wanted to find a quiet place to stay alone." Leena lowered her head and apologized humbly as if she was the one that made a mistake.

"Yes. I see. Are you hungry? Let's go and eat something." Ironically, Kevin did not blame her at all and chose to care for her instead.

"No, I'm not. My head is still aching."

artedly. She had loved him blindly even without any assurance that he felt the same.

"Yes, there's something wrong! Have you ever met a couple who behave like us? You are being too polite and even thank me for everything I do regardless of how small they are." Kevin disliked it very much when she was acting distantly from him. He was bothered about those things as what he wanted was for her to be closer.

"Oh! Is that what you want to say? I thought…" Leena paused and did not continue her words. She was suddenly relieved. The only thing she would consider serious as of that time was divorce and nothing else.

"You thought what?" asked Kevin confusedly. He got no clue about what she was trying to say.

"Oh! Nothing! What time is it? It looks quite late." The lady turned her head to the window and noticed how dark it was outside already.

"Almost eight o'clock. You've been sleeping for several hours." The handsome man answered as he checked his watch. Their dinner had been ready a long time ago. Nonetheless, he wanted to have it with his wife, thus, he waited for her to wake up. Those foods were probably cold by now.

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