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   Chapter 1040 Kevin's Heart Danced (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5476

Updated: 2019-02-03 00:35

"No, she's never mentioned it. Duke, do you have the address?" Kevin asked cautiously, fearing that Duke might find out the real reason why he was asking.

"I'm looking for it right now. Okay, how about this? I'll send you the address later. And remember to ask Leena to call me back." Duke hung up the phone. He saw no reason to say anything else. He made the call to ask about Leena. But she wasn't with Kevin, and he didn't really want to talk to the Major General. He hadn't recovered from the sad truth that Kevin married his sister without asking his permission first.

Kevin bit his lip and put down his cellphone. He now pinned all his hopes on Duke giving him the address. He just had the strongest hunch that Leena would be there. She had to be -- it was about the only place he hadn't looked.

Waiting was pure torture. When the phone beeped, Kevin hurriedly read the message and immediately asked Lee to change the route. He really hoped that Leena had gone to that place to rest and recharge like he had guessed.

After Kevin reached the place, he didn't get an easy pass like Leena did. Because he came here without any notice, the house keeper was very strict. She didn't let him in until he explained his relationship with Leena to her. Helpless as he was, he was glad that one thing was certain, that Leena was really in the house, just like he thought. At least she was being looked after.

When Kevin finally found Leena in the bedroom, she was sound asleep. She might have been too sleepy, or gotten too tired after crying. He could see the trace of tears on her beautiful face. Her eyelashes were still wet. So s

lithe, lazy and adorable.

As if Leena had heard Kevin's words in her dreams, she became quiet and calm again. She fell back asleep. It seemed that one remark from Kevin was enough to comfort and satisfy her. She was totally at peace now. Her bad dreams faded away.

As a solder, admittedly he was never a romantic man. Since they wed, they barely had time to spend with each other, let alone to travel anywhere together. He felt deeply sorry in this regard. But he never had the chance to tell her how sorry he was, to admit this to her.

Most of the time, he wasn't even really emotional. He didn't spend enough time with her, and he felt bad for her because of it. He wouldn't even make their time together romantic to make up for lost time. He had a lot of improving to do.

Gently placing Leena's head on the pillow, he stood up and quietly walked to the balcony. There he took out his cellphone and made a call. He didn't care what other people in his family thought, but he knew his mother would be worried. So he wanted to call her and tell her that everything was fine here.

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