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   Chapter 1039 Searching For Leena (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5432

Updated: 2019-02-03 00:36

"What kind of tone I should talk to her in when I am so worried and anxious now? You tell me." Shannon frowned. Wasn't she her daughter? Why did she try to shield Louisa, an outsider from consequences?

"Claire. It's okay. Don't fight with Auntie because of me," said Louisa calmly. She pretended to be generous as if she swallowed an insult.

"Louisa, don't be angry. My mom's not usually like this. I don't know what happened to her today to make her so aggressive." There was nothing Claire could do but comfort Louisa. She looked at Shannon with sad eyes, as if she were blaming her mother for not behaving kindly to her friend. She felt so awkward.

"Don't worry. I won't be angry," Louisa lowered her head and replied obediently. No one could see her cold and evil eyes hid by her hair.

"Yeah! That's really generous of you, Louisa. Huh! Unlike somebody else, who ran away from home and made others worry for her," Claire snorted through her nose. She didn't like Leena. Now she hated her more because Louisa was scolded by her mother because of her.

"You're really a piece of work, you know that Claire? I hope that no one takes advantage of you. I hope you never know how it feels." Shannon shook her head and sighed. She hoped that her daughter would find her way out of trouble when that day came.

Louisa raised her head immediately and took a quick glance at Shannon. Did she figure out her secret? Why else could she have drawn such a conclusion?

"Mom, what's wrong with you today? How could you say that?" Claire sputtered and stamped her feet. Leena was the root cause who stirred up all the cha

k home soon.

"Yeah! Make sure to bring her to Edward's house when you get a free moment! I hear he has a beautiful garden. I imagine she'd love to see it. Sounds relaxing, man." Duke offered the suggestion because he was worried that Leena might get stressed out staying with Kevin's family.

"Edward has a house here? Whoa! Why didn't you tell me before now?" Duke's advice lit light-bulbs up in his head. A ray of hope was rekindled in his heart. Was his wife, the woman he'd been seeking for a while, hiding at Edward's place the whole time?

"Yeah he does. Leena knows about it too. What? She never mentioned it to you?" Duke turned around and walked to his desk, phone in hand. He sat down and started checking his files. He remembered that he had written down the address somewhere and wondered if he could find it. If he couldn't find it, he thought he could ask Edward directly. He needed to call him anyway to let him know so that he could inform the housekeeper. Little did he know that Leena was already there, and Edward was making sure she was well looked after.

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