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   Chapter 1038 Searching For Leena (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6558

Updated: 2019-02-03 00:35

"Mom, I didn't know you were back!" screamed Claire happily. The moment she and Louisa walked downstairs, she saw her mother stalk out of the study angrily. She greeted her mother delightfully and did not notice the unhappy expression on her face.

"Yes. I just got back. And this is…" Shannon had planned to snub her. Her sister-in-law was missing and she seemed not to care about it at all. Like father, like daughter. However, she decided to at least be cordial, even if she had to hurry.

"Oh. Mom, this is Louisa. We met each other when we were studying abroad." Claire introduced Louisa to her mother proudly. She could not wait to introduce her. She knew her mother would like her.

"Nice to meet you. I'm sorry to bother you. I'm Louisa Ye. You can call me Louisa," Louisa said politely. She was trying so hard to behave in a gentle and ladylike manner. She wanted to leave a good impression on Shannon.

"Oh, Miss Ye! Welcome! But I'm a bit busy now. I'm taking off. Help yourself, please." Just then, Shannon took out her key and walked to her car. She had to try to find Leena no matter what. Otherwise, she could not just remain at home, calm, not bothered.

"Mom, you just came back! Leaving already?" Claire asked unpleasantly, reaching out and grabbing Shannon's arm. She would never let this chance slip away. It was her mother's first time meeting Louisa. First impressions were the most important ones.

"Yes I am. Didn't you know? Leena is missing! Why are you still here and not out there helping to find her?" Shannon looked at her unhappily. Yes, it was important to welcome her friend. But Leena, her sister-in-law, was also important. Why didn't she care about Leena at all?

"Huh! Missing? I don't think so. She ran away deliberately to make Kevin worry about her. That's all. We didn't drive her away. Besides, she's an adult, not a child. She'll find her way back here eventually. Oh yeah, she's probably too ashamed to come

minor ones. They shouldn't hurt anything. I didn't expect that she'd slap me out of the blue," replied Louisa. She dared not look into Shannon's eyes when she was answering her. She hadn't had imagined that Shannon would stick up for Leena like that. That was not something she was used to, but she'd have to accept it. She thought there was only Kevin alone who stuck up for Leena so much. Now she knew she was wrong. His mother also stood behind and supported that woman.

"I don't care who's right or wrong now. I just want to offer you a suggestion, that you should behave as a guest and don't cause any more trouble." Shannon cast a sidelong look at Louisa coldly. Was she implying that Leena did something wrong? She knew her daughter-in-law well and would never believe a false accusation like that. Her "suggestion" was less a suggestion and more a warning.

"I'm sorry, Auntie! I won't do that again." Louisa was hurt by this. But she did not dare to show how unhappy she was when Shannon stared at her with extremely cold eyes.

"Mom, Louisa is my guest! How could you say that to her in such a strict tone?" Claire pressed her lips to show her dissatisfaction. She felt extremely displeased when she heard her mother scold Louisa. She was ashamed as if she herself were slapped in the face.

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