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   Chapter 1037 Searching For Leena (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6228

Updated: 2019-02-03 00:35

"Oh come off it, woman. When do I do that? I never think of my family as soldiers. Don't just accuse me of stuff -- find a real reason to criticize me." Despite that Nathan was defending himself, he could not help but lower his voice at the sight of Shannon's stare. His bad temper was restrained a bit. He knew it was not a good idea to quarrel with his wife. She'd give as good as she got.

"Don't try to change the subject. Tell me everything. What the hell happened at home while I was out?" As the hostess of this family, Shannon absolutely had the right to know everything happened here. She was not afraid of Nathan at all. She knew his temper, and how far to push him. She could get away with a lot since he would never hit her.

"You can take your time and discuss it here! I'm going out to find Leena," Kevin said and then started to walk outside. However, he failed. He was caught by Shannon immediately after he said that. His mother was agile.

"Wait! What did you say? Leena's not here?" Shannon was surprised. Indeed, she had a strange feeling when she got back in. Now she grew more confused. Why was Leena not home? Wasn't she staying with Kevin?

"No, she's not! Dad scolded her and drove her away. I've been looking for her for about two hours. But I haven't found her and have no clue where she's at all," said Kevin in frustration. He did not try to hide the fact from his mother. He knew clearly that his mom would be of great help if he wanted to get out of here now. Only his mother could deal with his father in these kinds of situations.

"What? Do you mean Leena is missing? Have you sent someone to find her? It's her first time in the capital city. She is not familiar with the place at all. Hopefully, nothing bad's happened to her," Shannon said worriedly. She was anxious so much that she only heard part of Kevin's words,

r the country, not for him or his family. He could not send his men to do everything, especially the private things.

"Fine. Now that you won't lend a hand, I won't beg you anymore. I still have my parents. I can ask them to help," Shannon said, gritting her teeth. Why was he so stubborn? He always did things like this and was never flexible. That was why he always offended people and couldn't get along with them. Now, he made her angry and offended her.

"Knock yourself out. I still won't do it. I have my principles," Nathan insisted. He wasn't worried about Leena's safety when all this started. But he was now feeling a bit anxious. 'I can thank my worrywart wife and son for that, ' he thought.

However, he grew angry again when he thought of Leena's unreasonable behavior. He steeled his nerves and was determined not to help.

"Fine! Then you can stay with your principles for the rest of your life! If we can find Leena, then fine; but if we can't find her, you're going to face the consequences. That is not a threat, that's a promise!" Shannon warned. She shot an angry glance at him and then walked out. Their daughter-in-law was missing. He could stay in his study but she could not. She had to help to find Leena.

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