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   Chapter 1036 Don't Push Me (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6211

Updated: 2019-02-03 00:26

"Don't talk about her like that, Father! And another thing! Making her apologize to Louisa? Is that woman more important to you than your own daughter-in-law?" Kevin clenched his fists in anger, digging his nails into his palms. He wondered what cliched stereotype was going on in Nathan's mind when he asked Leena to apologize.

"Watch your tone, son! What do you mean by 'that woman'? That woman is my friend's daughter! And it's wrong for Leena to hit someone in the first place! What do you think I should have done?" Nathan growled back. Completely irritated, he had a fierce look on his face now. He had always been a senior official in the army, and was entitled to scold his subordinates when they made mistakes. How dare Kevin talk to him this way? How outrageous! And he was Kevin's father, after all. On what account could a son teach his father?

"In the first place? You mean Leena started it? Are you tripping balls right now? My wife is gentle, kind, and has been more than patient with Louisa. She wouldn't have lashed out like that unless Louisa did or said something really bad. And apparently, she did. Leena fought back, which is what you taught me to do," said Kevin, gnashing his teeth. It seemed that his father hated Leena more than he thought. That was not like him, sticking up for an outsider over his family. What was he thinking?

"And what do you mean by that? Are you blaming me for all this? Does a woman mean more to you than your own dad?" Nathan yelled in anger. He had never expected his son to stand against him for a woman. It seemed he hadn't brought him up well enough, and failed to teach him that one should never argue with his own father.

"Don't change the subject! We're talking about your mistakes, not general ethics!" said Kevin helplessly. He felt like an idiot, trying to reason with his headstrong fath

ered. He was totally irritated because of Leena's incident.

"Nathan, tell me what's going on here! What on earth happened, that caused you two to argue till you're red faced?" Shannon let out a resigned sigh, and turned to her husband. Sometimes she couldn't understand men. When Kevin was away, Nathan worried for him a lot; but now his son was here, and they were on the verge of starting a fight, if not already started. Why did they have to argue with each other? For what?

"Bah! I am not going to dignify this bullshit with a comment! Woman, you've spoiled your son. Look at him! He doesn't look like a Major General, not at all. More like a gangster!" Nathan retorted. He always blamed his wife for lavishing love and affection on their son. And he regarded that as the main reason that Kevin was now against him.

"Gangster? That's a good word. But it fits you better. You may be a high muck-a-muck in the army, but you treat your own family like your soldiers. This is a home, not a base; you're surrounded by your family members, not your soldiers. Learn some respect!" Shannon had always behaved like a wealthy lady of high status and impeccable nobility. But when she was pissed off, she knew how to defeat her enemies.

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