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   Chapter 1034 Don't Push Me (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6760

Updated: 2019-02-02 01:13

"Okay! Thanks, Edward." Only around her big brothers could Leena feel like herself. She could smile more easily, and they were always good to her. Around them, she beamed with happiness, and her world was full of joy. Even the cloudy sky looked bright and sunny to her.

"Ha!. Why are you so polite all of a sudden? That's not like you. You're trying to hide something from me, right? So what is it?" Edward was smart and sensible. He could detect every subtle change in her tone. It was not for nothing that he was known as a savvy businessman.

"You're overreacting. I just wanted to thank you. What's wrong with that? It's no big deal." Though it came out of nowhere, Leena was suddenly overcome with gratitude. Expressing one's gratitude was certainly easier than apologizing. Why should she hold back when others were nice to her? She decided to go for broke and pour out her heart to him.

"Okay, you're off the hook for now. But still, you're acting weird. It's been a long time since you thanked me for anything. Really, I don't remember you ever doing that," Edward quipped with a smile. He looked as attractive as ever when he smiled. Edward Mu was famous for his cool, collected manner and his self-control. He was completely unflappable, and liked to show off that side of him.

"Don't tease me, Edward. You want me to apologize for being a little snot? Fine. But not now. I'm driving. Don't distract me." Leena pretended to sound angry, so Edward wouldn't know what was really going on.

"Yeah, I guess. But drive slower, okay? I'll text you the address." Edward smirked inwardly. He had always treated Leena like his own sister. No matter what, he still had that habit, and would never stop spoiling her.

"I will! See you later, Edward!" Leena said gently before ending the call. Her face was still pale, but she felt better after hearing Edward's voice.

On the other side, Edward texted the address to her. However, he just couldn't shake away the feeling that something bad was going on. He knew

one? W-what do I tell the boss if he asks? And he will ask, believe me," stuttered the old lady in hesitation. She'd worked for Edward for a long time, and she had no more to do than simply clean the empty house, water the flowers and weed the beautiful garden. She was well-paid and worked at a leisurely pace. Things were quiet here, and the only urgent task for her now was to take care of two guests. How could she not? She felt like that would be slacking off, and she thought that was unfair to Edward.

"You don't have to explain anything to him, as I said. If he asks about it, just tell him to call me instead, and I'll explain everything. So could you get my room ready?" Although Leena had recovered a little from what happened earlier, she still looked pale and drained of energy. What she needed now was some sleep to get her going again, and some time to sort everything out, not a servant.

"Alright, then. This way, please." That said, the elderly woman led Leena to her room, although she didn't believe a word of it. Leena's phone had been buzzing since she walked in. But Leena didn't seem interested in checking it at all. She knew who it was, but she didn't feel like talking to him. She really didn't feel like talking to anyone at all, truth be told. So she tried her best to ignore the persistent buzzing from her cell.

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