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   Chapter 1032 I'm Sorry (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5562

Updated: 2019-02-02 00:57

Leena let all her tears out as soon as she got in the car. She drove the car around the city without a specific direction. It seemed that this trip to the capital city was just a big mistake. She shouldn't have rushed her essay for this. If she hadn't finished her essay so early, she wouldn't have come here and be treated like this. These awful things wouldn't have happened at all. If she hadn't finished her essay so early, she would have still been in Paris, the romantic and beautiful city.

It was just that all these were just wishful thinking. She was no prophet after all. So now, she was stuck here, trapped with these people. She didn't know what Louisa's purpose was before. It was different now though. That vicious woman's goal was to make her angry. Stupid as she was, she gave what Louisa wanted. That was how things ended up like this. She had no one to blame but herself. She was too trusting and too silly. That was why she had fallen for Louisa's trap.

Tears kept streaming down her face, but the ache in her heart never lessened. Instead, she felt more and more suffocated. She just wanted to love someone. Should it be this hard? Was it worth the sacrifices she made? She didn't have any answers to her own questions.

She wiped the tears that wouldn't stop falling. She wanted badly to drive directly to S City but she knew that she couldn't. Not only because of Kevin's family but also because of the ones who loved her deeply. There were many people who cared about her very much and she couldn't let them worry. Besides, it was also not safe for her to drive in such an unstable state. It was a long journey to S City after all.


back. Yes, he might be thinking of her or else her phone wouldn't keep ringing.

Letting out a silent breath, Leena thought that she couldn't keep on driving without direction.. She glanced at her phone for a short moment then suddenly picked it up. She didn't answer the call though. She hung up directly and called the number she remembered by heart.

"Hello, Leena! It seems that you finally remember your brother!" Edward was quite surprised but happy about Leena calling him. It was always a pleasure receiving his little sister's phone call. He automatically stopped the work he was handling and leaned back against his chair. He wanted to concentrate on every word Leena would say.

"Edward, don't be silly. How can I ever forget you? Look, I'm calling you right now, aren't I?" Leena replied though she was indeed a bit guilty about what he just said. She wouldn't have called Edward if she didn't have a favor to ask. Edward was a smart man and if she cut to the chase, Edward would definitely know that something was wrong. Therefore, she started with a joke before cracking her true reason.

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