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   Chapter 1030 I'm Sorry (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5680

Updated: 2019-02-02 00:41

Leena was in shock as she looked at Nathan. Her eyes were wide with disbelief. What did he say? Was she hearing him right? Did he really mean that Louisa was more important than her, his daughter-in-law? Or was it because he was a good friend with the commander and he couldn't let his friend's daughter be treated as such? Now that made sense! That realization struck Leena's mind like a speeding car. It was definitely the reason why he said those things and treated her with this attitude!

"Dad, do you really dislike me that much? I don't expect you to treat me like your own daughter. I know that's impossible but I don't know why you are treating me this way! You don't even see me as your daughter-in-law, right?" Leena closed her eyes for a short moment. She didn't know how to feel or what to say anymore. Yes, she could apologize to Louisa. That was not hard at all because she was guilty of raising her hand to slap her. Nonetheless, being asked by her father-in-law in such an accusatory tone broke her heart. She felt so disappointed with Nathan and at the same time, lonely as there was nobody there for her.

"Why do you think that?" Nathan didn't really care about how or what caused the issue. The only thing he was concerned about was the fact that Leena hit someone. There was no way that he would tolerate anyone in his family who had beaten another person. That was why he demanded Leena to apologize to Louisa. It was just so wrong to hit a person!. Plus, Louisa was both their guest and his good friend's daughter. He couldn't just let this slide easily. How would he even face his friend in the future?

"Why do I think that? Are you sure that you have no idea? If you're r

ou. I was wrong. Please forgive my impulsive action." There was no blood on Leena's pretty face. She lowered her head and looked down at her toes. She couldn't even focus. She could hear the sound of her own heart shattering inside her ears.

"Huh! Leena, well, if you think you can slap someone then get away with it with just a simple apology then you are awfully wrong! Police would have nothing to do if an 'I'm sorry' could solve every problem." Claire's words were full of sarcasm. She enjoyed the miserable look on Leena's face. She didn't like Leena anyway. So she felt no sympathy for her at all.

"Then what do you want? Do you want to slap me back? If you really want that, please just do it now before I change my mind." Leena bit her lip so hard that it was almost bleeding. If it wasn't for Kevin, she could simply walk out of this house and never come back. It was all for the love she held for him and also for the happy marriage she pictured with him. She was willing to make the sacrifice and abandon her pride. She would be a docile and perfect little wife even if it meant losing her personality and dignity.

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