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   Chapter 1029 I Don't Want To Apologize (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5166

Updated: 2019-02-02 00:26

"Now that you have condemned me, do I still have a chance to explain myself to you?" The questions and the corresponding answers between the two of them were not regarding the same issue at all. The seeds of contradiction were buried deep. Both of them misunderstood each other's meaning at the same time, which led to the situation worsening.

When they went back to the car, Claire and Louisa had already got in. As the two of them spotted Leena, they glared daggers at her mercilessly. The strange thing was that they all sat on the back seat. Claire and Louisa did not use any tricks this time.

At their stares, Leena just ignored them. She looked at the passing scenery outside of the window with calm. However, her mind was not as calm as her face expressed. The conversation between Kevin and her had not solved the problem, but only let it get worse. Even now, they suspected each other.

At the time, she couldn't help but speak out the secret she had tried to keep all this time. She always pretended to know nothing about Kevin loving Daisy. Although she did not say her name out loud, she told him that she knew he loved another woman. She didn't know whether that was a good decision or not. According to the degree of regret she felt right now, it was probably not a good one. But she lacked patience.

Kevin gave her one last look and did not say anything. He still wondered how she knew that the person he loved before was Daisy. Did he do something that had exposed his secret? However, he did not feel any panic. On the con

to hit someone. It's not a response you should have as a member of the Gu family," Nathan said firmly He looked a bit aggressive.

"I..." Leena bit her lip. She did not know how to describe what happened today to him. She could only drop her head and listen to his rebuke with embarrassment.

"I don't want to see something like that happen again. Conduct yourself well and don't make trouble any more. And go and apologize to Louisa. This is your punishment." Nathan kept his face majestic and it scared Leena. She did not dare to explain herself.

However, she didn't want to do what he said. "Dad! I don't want to apologize." Leena insisted on not doing this, because she felt that she had done nothing wrong. She was unwilling to bow down to Louisa.

"This is not up to you, unless you don't want to stay in the family any longer," Nathan said in all seriousness. He was not kidding. Although he was glad that Leena had given him an expensive gift, it didn't do anything to satisfy him about her family background.

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