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   Chapter 1028 I Don't Want To Apologize (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5357

Updated: 2019-02-02 00:16

"You send back Claire and Louisa first! I want to stay here alone for a moment." Leena did not think that she could continue to pretend to keep peace with them. So she wanted to avoid facing them if she could. She also needed time to think about how she would explain what she did today to Nathan and Shannon when they returned home. It was a serious claim that she slapped Louisa. She knew that Claire would definitely tell them.

"You can choose. Either we go back together or I stay here with you." In truth, Kevin wanted to hold her petite body in his arms. But he held back as he wanted Leena to realize her mistake. After all, no matter how he skirted around the issue, it was her who slapped Louisa. Even if she had been bullied by Louisa and Claire, she was not in a dignified position here. Slapping someone was indeed a bad conduct.

"Kevin, do you know you are forcing me to do what I don't want to do?" Leena really didn't want to cry. But she couldn't restrain her tears any longer. She hadn't yet thought out how she would explain this to Nathan and Shannon. Couldn't he give her some time to think?

"What? I am forcing you? Really? What I have forced you to do? Tell me!" Kevin fumed. Was he wrong to ask her to go home first? Or did she want to cry alone in front of so many people? They were outside and had an audience.

"All right. I seem to have used the wrong word. I am sorry. I just want to be alone for a while. I didn't mean anything else." Leena felt exhausted in both body and mind. She was really tired.

"Do you want to keep me out of your heart?" Kevin felt helpless

e advantage of this opportunity to put her sorrows out in the open? After all, she needed to face them sooner or later. It was just a matter of time.

"It seems to me that Claire and Louisa are quite right. I do not know you well." Kevin did not know that Leena already knew so many things about him. She even knew that he loved a woman before! However, Leena took the meaning of his words as that he thought she was a scheming woman. She assumed that he was indirectly telling her that he believed Claire and Louisa, but not Leena herself. His words hurt her, but she still did not compromise on her pride.

"Are you disappointed? I am indeed such a vicious woman." Leena bit her lip. She felt utterly hopeless. She didn't care what he thought anymore. Moreover, she was not afraid to bear such grievance again.

"So you have known all this, but you just pretended not to care about it?" Kevin smiled with self-mockery. Since she said so, she must know whom he loved before. How could she keep the secret of her knowing for such a long time? He was so curious.

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