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   Chapter 1027 I Don't Want To Apologize (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5628

Updated: 2019-02-01 00:49

Leena kept trying to hold back her tears the entire way. Kevin had seen that she slapped Louisa. Now he must think she was malicious. However, she did not regret slapping that woman one bit. On the contrary, she felt relieved because she did not need to tolerate Claire and Louisa's provocations anymore. In any case, she had fallen out with them, hadn't she?

At that moment, she missed S city very much. She missed the people and her life there. She always felt like she should not have come here as her arrival was not welcomed. Although Shannon liked her very much, she knew that other people looked at her contemptuously last night at the birthday party. She hid in the garden because she did not want herself to face the embarrassing situation. It seemed that in today's society, everybody paid more attention to identity and background. If she was the daughter of a senior official, the treatment she received would be totally different!

Leena found a comparatively remote place and sat down. She would not envy others, no matter how high their statuses were. In her heart, she believed that what she owned was not inferior to others. She possessed a deep familial affection that could not be exchanged with any precious titles. Although her family was not a political one, everyone in it loved her very much.

Leena bit her lip. She wished she could hear Duke's voice. She took out her phone, but didn't dare to tap out his number. If she told Duke what had happened, she would cry. Duke already disliked Kevin. If he knew what had occurred, he would dislike Kevin more. That was certainly not what she wanted to happen. No matter how grieved she felt right now, she would

ensitive? Kevin Gu, you have the heart to blame me, don't you? You know that I slapped your commander's daughter, which means you will get into trouble because of me. So, are you sure you can continue to be calm?" Leena asked him solemnly. Truth be told, she had not considered that when she slapped Louisa. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been so impulsive. But the strange thing was, even if she calmed down now, she could not find it in herself to regret what she did.

"So you are beginning to worry about me now?" Kevin did not reply to her, but asked her another question instead. He was quite interested in her answer.

"I'm sorry about it. But I don't regret it." Leena lowered her head. Her small face was pale. She admitted that she did not consider him when she got angry and slapped her. She might have made trouble for Kevin. That was on her.

"Let's go. We need to go home first." Kevin stretched out his palms, waiting for her to grab them. He thought they should not be here in such a circumstance. It was better for them to go home early. After all, Leena needed a quiet space to calm down, didn't she?

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