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   Chapter 1026 The Smacks (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7306

Updated: 2019-02-01 00:49

"Get your hand off me! Don't push me!" Leena turned back and snapped. She didn't care who Louisa's father was. She was an independent career woman who didn't rely on anyone, including Louisa's family. She wouldn't grovel to them.

"Are you going to hit me? Claire, do you see the kind of woman she is?" Louisa raised her eyebrows, not afraid at all if Leena hit her. She used to be as rebellious as a gangster before she went abroad.

"Yes, I do. I'll tell my parents what a horrible person she really is and she won't be able to be a part of my family any longer." Claire jutted up her chin with a complacent look on her face, as if imagining how embarrassed Leena would be once her parents found out who she really was.

Leena looked up at the sky and let out a long breath. They were in a public place. She didn't want to make a scene. But these two women didn't seem to let her go easily.

"Leena, at the end of the day, you are nothing more than a cheap bitch. You know Kevin doesn't love you and that he is in love with someone else, but you won't leave him anyway. Don't you have any shame at all?" Louisa said, viciousness in her eyes. She knew her words would provoke Leena. That was exactly what she expected. She wanted to see how Kevin would react when he saw her getting attacked by Leena.

Slap! Leena turned around and smacked Louisa hard. It stung, but as she had expected, Kevin saw the slap and stopped in his steps, a stunned look on his face. She thought the pain was well worth it.

"Oh my God. Leena, how can you be such a savage woman? Even if we are wrong to follow you and my brother, you could have just told us not to follow; how could you hit Louisa?" Claire hadn't seen the smack coming. She was astonished because Leena had always seemed to be such a sweet girl. However, as soon as Claire saw her brother hastening toward them, she started accusing Leena.

"Why should I put up with someone who has a potty mouth? Louisa, you deserve it." Leena looked at Louisa disdainfully. She hated anybody who used the word 'bitch'. Louisa had touched a nerve. When she turned back, she saw Kevin standing in front of her with an ice cream in his hand. He see

hould be impartial to us instead of protecting her." With her hand on her face, Louisa thought of giving up. On the other hand, she felt she was unable to take this kind of outcome peacefully. But Kevin's words were harsh. If she kept pestering him, it would seem humiliating.

"I didn't say she was right to hit you. But I also know there must have been a reason. And you two know better than anyone else what the reason was." Kevin didn't believe Leena raised her hand for no reason. She had always been rational. They must have said something to irritate her.

"It is easy to find a stick to beat a dog. You just want to find something to blame us for, don't you? Do you really think you know her? Wake up! Ask around. We all saw how malicious that woman was just now. Believe it or not, nobody provoked her. If you really think it was our fault, then I am speechless, but I still have faith in justice." Louisa managed an innocent look on her face, as if she was the victim and Leena the guilty one.

"Huh! Justice! I hope you understand what that word means." Kevin glanced at her coldly and turned away. He walked swiftly in the direction Leena had left, assuming that she was crying in some corner. He had seen her moist eyes when she passed him by.

Watching Kevin leave, Louisa bit her lips. The hatred in her eyes increased. She cursed inside, 'Leena, you are lucky this time, but pray for yourself, because your luck won't hold for ever.'

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