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   Chapter 1024 A Trip For The Four (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6174

Updated: 2019-02-01 00:49

"What an absurd thing to say! Of course I don't want to be flirted with by some random guy. My brain is quite all right! But I'm sure our two companions won't stop in their plan. Don't ask me how I know. A woman's intuition can sense everything. Do you believe me? Let's wait and see." Leena narrowed her eyes at him as she sat down beside a big stone. It was not the weekend, so there were not many tourists around. Leena enjoyed the fresh air for there was no crowd here. It was not noisy either, so she could enjoy the peace for a while.

"What kind of a plan do you think they have?" Kevin folded his arms across his chest and asked her. He was curious about her answer.

"How would I know the details? Why don't we just wait?" Leena pressed her lips together. The corners of her mouth curved upward at the sight of the two figures approaching them. A sneer spread across her features. Well, well, well! Here they came!

"Hey. I thought you would continue pretending to be not bothered at all. You seem to be fighting back now," Kevin said, looking at her with smiling eyes. Truth be told, he was surprised at her aggressiveness just now. She had been so easy-going before. She never sassed Claire in the last few days. However, he knew her real personality and that she was actually quite naughty and guileful. He could tell from the conversation between her and Justin, that Leena was more than just a sweet and adorable girl.

"You know what? Even a little mouse would finally bite the one who bullies it all the time," Leena admitted. Now that Kevin could see through her disguise, there was no need for her to keep pretending anymore. This was how she really was like all the time.

"Yes, I see that now. Luckily, I am not the one who is to be bitten by you." Kevin talked to her face to face, so he was unable to see what was happ

there no other single men in the world anymore? Why wouldn't she let go of him, a married man?

"I won't give up easily, no matter what you say, Kevin." It was an easy job for a woman to woo a man. Louisa held the belief firmly. She would win Kevin's love someday, eventually, as long as she insisted on it. There was no way she would give up like he said.

"Huh. Whatever. But I do hope you can think of your father for a bit. How would he feel about his daughter being so unreasonable?" Kevin said before he walked away. He told, warned and persuaded her about everything. If she did not want to change her mind at all, he could not do anything about it anyway. He could not cast a spell on her so she would stop with her ridiculous notions. He headed for the direction in which Leena left.

"Louisa, are you all right?" Claire did not expect Kevin to dislike Louisa so much. She worried at the sight of her pale face. Claire had caught his words and sensed something from their conversation. One of them was not accepting the other's affection while the other was unwilling to give it up. Louisa and her brother had talked about this before. It was then that Claire understood why Louisa had contacted her all of a sudden.

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