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   Chapter 1023 A Trip For The Four (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5901

Updated: 2019-02-01 00:49

"No way. We will be quiet and won't make any noise. Just let us stay with you, okay?" Claire begged, sulking in a low voice. There was no way Claire and Louisa were going to keep a distance from them. They would follow them all the way, trying to find any chance to separate them. Only then would Louisa be able to find some alone time with Kevin.

"Claire, even though our entire family spoils you, don't go too far and think you can try to challenge me. You will not want to know the consequences of angering me. If you continue to behave like this, I'll leave you here alone and won't come to bring you back," Kevin warned her. He meant the threat whole-heartedly. Even though she was his sister, he would never allow her to challenge his authority like that. Besides, he did not want other people to disturb Leena and him any longer.

"Forget it, Claire! If Kevin doesn't want us to follow them, we can just go somewhere else! This place is a bit remote, but we probably won't run into a shady guy here," Louisa persuaded her. She seemed to make a compromise, yet her words accused Kevin of being heartless enough to leave two weak girls alone.

"No, Louisa, we can't be left here. You are so beautiful. What if we come across some guy who wants to flirt with you?" Claire's voice pitch was raised, as she pretended to be nervous for Louisa's so-called beauty.

"Oh, yes. She's right. Miss Ye is so beautiful. I'm afraid she must be protected by someone. Kevin, you can stay with them. An ugly woman like me doesn't deserve your protection. I think it would be better for me if I walked around alone." Leena was fed up with their behavior. She cast a contemptuous look at them and stalked away. It was a waste of her time and energy to be with them. She co

hy she always forced herself to speak and act in a grown-up fashion. She wanted to be a woman like Daisy, whom Kevin loved so much.

"You are more likely to meet a bad guy than they are." Kevin reached out to take her hand. Leena was not very tall but she walked so quickly that he had spent quite a while catching up with her.

"No, you are wrong. An ugly woman like me would never be in such a dangerous situation," Leena retorted. She was extremely unhappy about the word 'ugly'. Ever since she came to Capital City, Claire had been undermining her confidence. How could she just stand there and feign indifference while she spouted nonsense? Leena had emotions and feelings too, and was not a puppet without a soul who could be looked down upon by anyone. She had pride, too.

"Darling, are you saying that you'd prefer to be flirted with? Well, if that's the case, I volunteer for it. I can do that." Kevin shook his head, comforting her. He used to think she never got angry. Now he knew otherwise. She was just waiting for the opportunity to explode. She also fought back hard when she could not take it anymore. And whosoever she was mad at would be in trouble.

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