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   Chapter 1022 A Trip For The Four (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6097

Updated: 2019-02-01 00:26

The car was started and driven out slowly. Claire looked at Leena complacently, not trying to mask her real purpose. Obviously, she did not consider Leena to be a family member, her sister-in-law, at all.

There was no doubt that Louisa was extremely satisfied with such deliberate arrangement. This way, she and Kevin looked like a couple since Claire and Leena were sitting on the back seats. She was much closer to Kevin. Meanwhile, from Claire's behavior, it could be deduced that Claire thought the same as her. An ordinary woman such as Leena who had no background would never match up to Kevin or be qualified to be his wife. Right now, Louisa felt that her chances of marrying Kevin were high. She believed that Leena was just a Cinderella who did not deserve a prince like Kevin.

Leena decided to ignore the provocation from Claire. She took out her phone and browsed on it. 'Far from eye, far from heart, ' that was how Leena thought. She did not want to trouble herself by making any responses to Claire.

With her fingertip sliding on the screen effortlessly, Leena soon finished editing her new post. She hesitated, wondering whether she should post it or not. Finally, she bit her lip and pressed the send button. She was sure that Kevin would never see it. As far as she remembered, he had never sent her a friend request. And she never asked him if he had a QQ account either. They had no connections whatsoever on social media.

Kevin took one look at Leena through the rear-view mirror and found that she was completely lost in her own world, like there weren't three other people with her in the car. She seemed to be calm and indifferent, just like she had been before.

"Kevin, Louisa and you have known each other for a long time. So why didn't you marry her?" Huh. It seemed to Leena that she wa

or esteemed one. She was jealous of Leena and thought that she did not deserve to have such a beautiful face. She would never be a princess no matter what kind of clothes she wore!

"I'm sorry, Claire. But if I am too ugly to be looked at by you, you can just choose not to look at me. Nobody is putting a knife to your neck and forcing you to do so." This was the first time Leena fought back to Claire's insults. She was beginning to understand something: Claire did not even try to like her, so Leena did not have to bear her rude words or behavior anymore. Yes, Claire was the princess here whom everybody loved. But Leena was a princess, too. In S city, she was the most precious princess to her family and friends.

"Kevin! Are you listening to her? She is talking to me so rudely!" Claire shouted, blaming Leena. Claire had not anticipated that Leena would retaliate. She thought Leena was a timid woman.

"What? She looks good! I don't think her attitude isn't nice enough to you. And she's right, nobody is forcing you to look at her. All right. You should do as you promised me. Go somewhere else and don't interrupt us. We need some privacy." Kevin glanced back at them with cool, determined eyes.

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