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   Chapter 1021 It’s You Louisa (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5831

Updated: 2019-02-01 00:16

"Are you sure?" Kevin shot her a glare. He refused them because he didn't want to make Leena unhappy. He would have no choice but to follow her words if she insisted. The worst, he would need to swallow his pride and make do with the trip which would have only belonged to him and Leena.

"It's only a suggestion. Anyway, you decide." Leena was a clever woman. She would never let herself be involved in their argument. She wouldn't be the final one to win if she got herself involved.

"I see. Your answer is no answer." Kevin pursed his lips. 'Huh, when did she become so shrewd?' Kevin wondered.

"So? Kevin, you agree?" Claire looked at him as her tears turned to smiles. She felt that she was only one step away from success. No matter what, she would create a chance to make Louisa and Kevin together.

"When did I say yes? If it's me to decide, my answer is definitely no!" Kevin said as he shook his fingers before Claire to gesture a no. Claire and Louisa's faces darkened at his firm attitude. Of one accord they spontaneously shifted their gazes at Leena. Obviously, they took Leena as the cause of all the displeasure.

Leena shrugged innocently. Love was selfish, and it had zero tolerance for the third party's interference and challenge. It was impossible for Leena to bring a disaster upon herself knowing that Louisa was actually interested in Kevin. She would not fall into their trap and give her husband to another woman regardless of how much Claire might hate her.

"Kevin, please, let us go with you. I guarantee I won't say anything to make you angry. And I won't stand in the middle when you couple wants to be alone." At all events, Claire still tried to persuade him to bring them first. She would find chances

ed the trunk and then opened the back door of the car. He indicated Leena to sit at the back and was about to get in the car to sit next to her. He was almost settled on that seat when Claire suddenly moved out of the driver's seat and took the space next to Leena and then said,"Kevin, you may have to drive the car. I got up early today and I'm feeling a little tired. So I might not keep focused now." Claire looked at him with expecting eyes as she hoped for him to drive the car. It was only an excuse though as her ultimate goal was to create opportunities to bind Kevin and Louisa together.

"Since you can't concentrate, you'd better go home and have a rest. We don't need you to go with us." Kevin didn't think further about the ulterior motives behind Claire's behavior. He simply stepped back and walked to the driver's seat. Leena's face immediately became ghastly pale since she clearly knew what Claire wanted to do.

"I just can't focus on driving, I didn't say I can't focus on playing around." Claire felt relieved upon noticing that Kevin stopped arguing with her. She had thought that she needed to make a fuss to make sure he would yield.

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