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   Chapter 1020 It’s You Louisa (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5288

Updated: 2019-01-31 01:09

"Yes, Kevin is in the same army base with my father. It's really a coincidence. It's destiny that we meet here today." Louisa was very excited to see Kevin. It was not easy for her to make all this a coincidence. She had coaxed and pestered her father until she got Kevin's address. She wasn't expecting for the address to be the same with one of her friends. She immediately got an idea and proposed a visit to that friend.

"When did you two get to know each other?" Kevin glanced at Louisa nonchalantly, his face as cold as ice. How he ignored Louisa's enthusiasm was so obvious. Claire already made his headache and now, here came another troublemaker, Louisa. He could already foretell how miserable he would be in the next few days. These two girls in front of him were already speaking for themselves.

"When Louisa studied aboard, she happened to rent the same apartment with me. That is how we got to know each other. We became close friends since." As Claire stressed "abroad", she intentionally glanced at Leena with a smug smile. She was flaunting. She had no clue that the time Leena had spent abroad and the number of countries she had visited would overwhelm them if only she chose to speak.

"Oh, but why have I never heard you mention this before?" Kevin glanced at Claire and then at Louisa. He had the feeling that the whole thing was not as simple as it seemed.

"I did want to share such a thing with you but you are barely at home," Claire pouted and said in a sad voice. It was true that it was rare for him to go home. When he did, he would occasionally

Em... Well..." Leena looked at Kevin helplessly. Why did Claire suddenly target at her? But Leena knew she was not the one who had the final say. Why couldn't they just ignore her all the way like they did before? Leena thought.

"Don't try to get consent from Leena, I said no and that's it." No matter what, Kevin was determined to cut her comb today, otherwise she would really think that the world was under her control.

"Claire, how about we hail a car and hang out by ourselves?" Louisa said disappointedly. She gave Kevin a somber look to show her grievance towards his ruthlessness.

"No, I also say no." Claire had always been the apple of the eye of her family, and she had never been treated like this. She stared hard at Kevin with tears forming in her eyes.

"Kevin, just let them go with us." Leena was caught in a dilemma. If Claire didn't ask her opinion just now, she would pretend to know nothing and act like she didn't hear what they were talking about. It was just that she asked her, thus, she couldn't play the idiot card.

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