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   Chapter 1019 It’s You Louisa (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5548

Updated: 2019-01-31 01:09

"Okay, I will call you when she is back!" Lee shouted behind them. He felt that Kevin was pissed off and wondered whether he would punish him once they came back to the army base. If it was really the case, he would surely be dead. He could just imagine himself falling into pieces after being exhausted with endless hard training and exercises.

"Whatever!" Kevin waved his hand at him. He suddenly realized that it was a happy thing for him and Leena to just stroll along the road while holding hands.

"Kevin, are you a bad leader?" Leena turned her head and looked up at him. As they planned to have fun outdoor, she had decided to wear a pair of flatties today. It was a necessity for her to strain her neck as she was standing next to Kevin who was six feet and two inches tall. It would be impossible for her to reach his height even if she wore her heels.

"Why would you think so?" Kevin lowered his head and looked into her eyes. It was a wonder to him how Leena's eyes could always put him in a trance. Had he really loved Daisy? Why didn't he think of her in the past few weeks? His mind had been all occupied with Leena, this beautiful and adorable woman who was right beside him now.

"You see, you always make Lee frightened." Leena snorted. She found the best thing about being in this city was that she could spend time leisurely together with Kevin, just like how they were walking holding hands now. This thing could be impossible when they were in S City. He was always busy with work during the day and it was already dark when he came home. He barely had time to be with her although he came home early sometimes. For a moment, she wo

udely before him without any hesitation.

"But my friend is still in the car." Claire felt reluctant to get off the car and at the same time, embarrassed to be treated like this in front of her friend.

"What friend? It's only a few minutes walk to our house. You get out and walk home." Seriousness was all over Kevin's darkened face when he talked. It was clear to see that he wasn't giving any space for any negotiation.

"Hi, Kevin, it's you!" Louisa pretended to be very surprised as she pushed the door open and stepped out of the car.

"Oh! It's you, Louisa." On the other hand, Kevin frowned in confusion upon seeing the woman. He wondered how Louisa became friends with his sister. He couldn't even think of anything that could connect the two.

"Huh, do you know each other?" Claire asked puzzledly. What a coincidence it was! She had thought to be a matchmaker and ship Kevin and Louisa together. That way, she could get rid of Leena. It was to her surprise that they seemed to know each other. Good for her! That saved her a lot of energy as she didn't need to introduce them anymore.

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