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   Chapter 1018 To The End Of Their Life (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5555

Updated: 2019-01-31 00:37

"Major General, you're right," answered Lee. He knew that he had made a fool of himself. He should not have believed what Claire said and allowed her to drive her brother's car away.

"I'm gonna call her and ask her to drive my car home as soon as possible." Kevin started to dial Claire's numbers when Leena suddenly stopped him.

"Forget it. Let her have the car today. We can call a taxi," said Leena. She didn't want to interrupt Claire from having fun with her friends. Claire would certainly blame her if they forced her to drive the car home.

"Calling a taxi will be inconvenient." Kevin answered with his irritation clearly plastered on his face. A taxi would be fine if their destination was close to their home. How about if it wasn't? How could they call a taxi without waiting for a long time once they wanted to come back?

"Never mind. We can go out another day. There are still many days left for the holiday," said Leena in a comforting voice. Her sister-in-law had already harbored grudges against Leena. She would surely say something against her if they forced her to return the car to Kevin. Therefore, Leena tried to avoid the direct confrontation with Claire.

"As you wished. We can still have a walk in town. Is that ok with you?" said Kevin. Although the beautiful scenery was largely situated on the outskirts of the Capital City, they could go downtown and have some fun. He wondered if Leena would like to visit amusement parks or not.

"Yeah! I saw the Mist Pavilion on TV and it seems to be beautiful. Can we go there?" asked Leena expectantly. The Capital City was still new to Leena. However, she saw the famous Mist P

out with her.

"If you intend to keep your promise, let's go." At that same time, Leena took her husband's hand with a sweet and contented smile on her face. Actually, she never liked strolling in the parks. However, she was guilty of wanting to experience how it would feel to walk in the park with their hands intertwined. Her classmates in the university did this a lot when they were in love. Leena admired the genuine smiles appearing on their faces, thus, she also wanted to have that kind of smile on her own face.

"Major General, shall I pick you up by car?" Lee stood there still. He was instantly anxious about seeing Leena and Kevin leaving. What he said was his desperate attempt to amend his fault. It was him who lent the car to Claire and consequently almost ruined Kevin's plan in the first place.

"Let's talk about it later. I have no idea when will Claire give the car back to me," answered Kevin, without even looking back at Lee. Then, he left with Leena with their hands locked together. They would walk happily and contentedly all day and all the way to the end of their life.

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