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   Chapter 1017 To The End Of Their Life (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5759

Updated: 2019-01-31 00:37

"Why did you get up so early today? Now, put on some clothes, or else, you'll catch a cold," said Kevin in concern. He raised his head and was greeted by Leena's drowsy look. He immediately knew that Leena needed more sleep. She wasn't used to waking up this early back on S City after all.

"Didn't you go out to exercise today?" asked Leena confusedly as she remained standing there instead of putting on some clothes. Gracious! She was even on her bare feet!

"No, I prefer to take a day off today. I drank too much yesterday night. Go and put on your shoes, the floor is cold." Kevin stood up and faced Leena. The room they were living in wasn't as luxurious as the one they had in Grand Apartment. They didn't have their thick wool carpet here.

"Alright," answered Leena. She went back to put on her cotton-padded shoes and a thick coat. She was about to turn around when a pair of strong arms embraced her from behind.

"Why haven't you learned how to take care of yourself?" said Kevin accusingly. He couldn't help but frown upon feeling how cold Leena's tiny body was.

"I'm not cold." Her voice came out small as her heart skyrocketed. The nervousness and longing that engulfed her were similar to those who had when experiencing their first love.

"Don't lie to me. Your hands are cold. Since you woke up early, why don't you wash and dress? I'll take you to a happy place later." Kevin pushed her into the washroom. He rarely took a day off, thus, he had decided to enjoy some fun with his wife.

"Are we going out again?" asked Leena in confusion. She practically felt that it was inconvenient to be living with Kevin's family. More so, with the frequent go-outs. She felt obliged to behave herself,

rposes at all.

"Is there any vehicle available at home?" Leena was also upset. She was afraid that her date with Kevin might be ruined.

"I'm afraid none," answered Lee. Actually, he wasn't absolutely sure. He hadn't gone to the garage and checked the available vehicles. However, Kevin's mother had also gone out driving. It was very unlikely for the house to still have an available car for Kevin and his wife.

"What about Claire's car? Why doesn't she drive her own car?" Although Kevin knew that Lee probably didn't have an answer to his question, he still asked.

"I asked her the same question, she said that she had lent it to a friend," answered Lee. Lee bowed his head. If he had known that Kevin might blame him for mismanagement, he would have never given the car key to Claire. Otherwise, he wouldn't be standing there while suffering from stress.

"What do you mean by that? She lent her car to a friend and then went out driving my car. Am I right?" The Major General asked with his eyes blazing with fury. He took his mobile phone out. He was about to call his sister and order her to return his car to him immediately.

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