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   Chapter 1016 To The End Of Their Life (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6485

Updated: 2019-01-31 00:37

Leena went upstairs in haste and suddenly stopped outside the door. It was as if she wanted to escape from something horrible. She had never felt this frustrated and helpless her entire life.

Her small body leaned against the wall and looked outside the window. Her gaze focused on the national flag that was displayed on the top of the army base. However, the darkness had fallen and the flag also seemed dark in color.

Sometimes she couldn't help but wonder, what if she didn't choose to drink down her sorrow that night? She would probably never meet Kevin. They wouldn't get married and she would live a completely different life. Away from the complications and away from her complex feelings about him.

Kevin frowned as he watched Leena in silence. He had been standing there for a long time but Leena didn't even notice him. She was absent-mindedly looking out of the window. Was there anything outside that drew her attention and troubled her heart? How could she just ignore his presence?

He didn't butt a word as he leaned his body against the door frame. He just remained quietly staring at her. It suddenly occurred to him that Leena had changed in so many ways. She could be smart, lively and active with her brother around. On the other hand, she seemed to have lost her spirit whenever she was with him. Now all he could do was wonder what made her change. Did those changes have anything to do with him? His mind asked.

"Leena," Kevin called gently at last. He decided to stop guessing and talked to his wife.

"Yeah! Have you taken your shower?" Leena collected herself, turned around, and looked at him confusedly.

"Yes. I was looking for you. I didn't expect to see you here alone and troubled. Why don't you just come inside and tell me what happened?" Leena felt embarrassed under his steady and intense gaze.

"Nothing serious. I just found that the night here was charming. It is beautiful. I feel dr

ing on the big bed with his head lowered. The loneliness and sadness he saw on Leena's eyes earlier wouldn't let him feel at ease at all. That was the very first time that he saw her like that. However, there were also some accidental moments when he caught her looking like she was low-spirited. He felt sorry for his wife.

She had always been the happy daughter of the Leng family but it was just not the same now that she was with his family. It was undeniable that Leena had undergone a lot of stress since they got married. She was brutally forced to grow up and mature. He had witnessed everything that happened to her and God knows how desperate he was to free her out of those pressures.

The husband and wife who were living in the same room had different feelings and thoughts deep down in their hearts. Regardless of what happened, they would still rise in the morning to see the morning light and live another day, be it for good or for bad. The next morning, Leena woke up early and found Kevin surprisingly sitting on the balcony with a cup of warm coffee in his hand. He was drinking his brew leisurely while reading the newspaper. He seemed to be in a good mood. It was something unusual since she was used to waking up alone knowing that he was somewhere else exercising.

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