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   Chapter 1014 A Hypocrite (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6701

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"Haha! A role model? You are giving me way too much credit. I have just married Kevin for a couple of months. There is still a long way ahead of us. Who knows what will happen in the following days?" said Leena with a self-mocking smile. She never allowed herself to imagine her future with Kevin. Nor did she dare to. It just scared her that things might not turn out as she wanted.

"Cheer up, Leena. I am sure you have seen that Major General Gu is a good and reliable man. I have been working with him for a long time but never have I seen him dating any woman. Well, not until you showed up. Plus, he instantly married you. He must love you very much to do so." Lee carefully picked his words as he looked at Leena. He was suddenly nervous about what her reaction would be. He was praying that he didn't offend her in any way as doing so would cost him his neck once Kevin found out.

"Really? I hope you are right." Leena smiled bitterly. She believed that Kevin had never dated anyone before her but also knew that it was most likely because he was in love with Daisy. Just the thought of it made her heart cringe.

"What are you two doing here? I was looking for you everywhere." It was that baritone voice that made both Leena and Lee turn to where it came from. It was Kevin in his casual clothes. He didn't wear his uniform since he took the day off. Despite the casual look, his strong built resulting from his long term training in the army could hardly be concealed.

"Is there anything you want me to do, sir?" replied Lee hastily. He was obviously desperate to end the discussion of his romantic life with Leena.

"Yes, a few of our guests are drunk and I need you to drive them home once the party is over," said Kevin as he watched the two people before him. He was wondering if they were talking about him before he arrived. He could still remember how fast Lee blurted out his little secrets in front of Leena and how she couldn't hear enough of them yesterday.

"Got it, sir!"

after they got married made her think that he was indeed in full control.

"Relax, I know what I am doing to my body. Now let's go inside. The guests will be leaving soon. We should see them out." Kevin stood up first and then held his hand out to Leena and waited for her to take his hand.

"Okay." It took Leena some hesitating moments before she reached out for Kevin. Regardless of how many doubts she had, there was no way for her to resist his charm and fall for him all over again.

Minutes more and they both found themselves standing by the living room's gate while bidding goodbye to their guests. Since most of the people who came to the party were Kevin's relatives and friends, Kevin did all the talking while Leena only stood beside him as she flashed her sweet smile.

Leena finally loosened up after all the people were gone and the room was cleaned. It had been a huge burden for her to stay in a room full of people she needed to please. She felt relaxed now as there were only Shannon and her left in the room.

"I think we are all done here. Go upstairs and have some rest, Leena. I will stay here for another few minutes and prepare some hot tea for your father. He had quite a few glasses of wine tonight." Like Leena, Shannon also felt relieved that she didn't have to play the perfect hostess anymore.

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