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   Chapter 1012 A Henpecked Husband (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5396

Updated: 2019-01-30 04:58

"Nonsense. Of course, I know they won't bite me. I'm just worried they might say a thing or two." The lady's aura turned bitter. 'What should I do? I totally forget who they are although they have been introduced to me minutes ago, ' her mind kept reeling.

"Don't worry! Everyone here is easy-going except for my aunt. She can be a little harsh." Kevin held her hand to comfort her. He had always thought that his aunt was as serious as his father. It was really weird how the woman ended up liking his naughty sister, Claire, so much.

"Um! Everything will be okay for me as long as I don't do any mistakes, right?" Innocence and doubt were all over Leena's beautiful face. She pretended to be mature in front of Claire but she doubted it if she could do the same in front of so many elders. After all, she was just a little girl.

"Correct. Just follow me." Kevin grabbed the chance. He had set up something for her and what she said was the perfect cue.

"All right. Got it." Leena's answer was spontaneous. It took a little while before realization hit her and made her jaw drop. Did she just fall into Kevin's trap? Not following him meant getting herself busy as she tried to stay away from everyone. On the other hand, following him would mean letting him touch her. Shoot! It was indeed a trap!

Not many people came to celebrate Nathan's birthday. Most of the guests were people who had close relationships with their family, and two of them were Nathan's former comrades. They were not difficult people to get along with. It was just that Leena wasn't comfortable with the fact that they were all o

pleasure was in Claire's voice. She didn't want her father to look favorably upon Leena.

"What are you talking about, Claire? How could you be so rude?" That yell from Nathan came as a surprise. This was the very first time that he had snapped on her daughter in front of people. He had always loved and spoiled Claire too much. His yell was so loud that everybody turned their heads to their direction. Nonetheless, they all understood why Nathan went mad.

"Dad, I just gave you a reminder, in case you were deceived." Claire said as she glared at Leena. She blamed Leena for giving a painting to her father as a gift. How could that present made her dad scold her so publicly?

"You little girl, how could you be so immature? Just think about it. How could your sister-in-law deceive your father with a fake painting?" It was Shannon who broke through the tension as she poked Claire's head. She couldn't believe the words that her child had said. She just vulgarly embarrassed Leena in front of many people. She couldn't tell how Claire's mind was working anymore!

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