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   Chapter 1011 A Henpecked Husband (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5708

Updated: 2019-01-30 01:21

"Claire, focus on your driving. You talk too much," said Kevin with a cold voice. He didn't want to see the two fighting again since their relationship was just getting better. He wasn't expecting them to start a fight this soon.

"What! I didn't say anything wrong. Why are you just blaming me?" Frustration was all over Claire's voice as she pouted. How come she was always wrong and Leena was right in her brother's eyes? "Because you are good at starting a war. Turn around and see if the cake is ready. If it's ready, we can stop by and take it home. That would save us a trip." Kevin said as he tactically changed the topic. He was not in the mood to argue with his sister anytime soon.

"Got it." Claire shut her mouth reluctantly. She had no gut to continue arguing with her brother because she was afraid of him and she had always respected him. She had realized that her brother had never looked at her with the same gentle eyes as how he did with Leena.

The three reached their home after an hour. They were done with shopping for their daily necessities and took the cake.

"Mom, what can I do for you?" Leena went straight to the kitchen to help the woman as soon as she arrived. She felt a little sorry about going out as she knew that everyone in the family was busy.

"Leena, you're back. You must be tired! Go upstairs to get some rest. I'll handle this. Everything is almost done here." Shannon was so happy to see Leena. She liked her daughter-in-law although Kevin's father had some comment on her family.

"I'm not tired. Let me help with the vegetables!" A sweet smile was on Leena's face as she said those. She couldn't just go upstairs even if her mother-in-law said so. Sha

ale. One of the most remarkable people there was Kevin's aunt. The woman was simply a ball of dignity and arrogance. She was almost like Daisy! The only thing was that Leena knew that she couldn't be her friend as this woman she was checking at had this certain way of looking at her coldly and scaring her. Her first impression of Kevin's aunt was that she was a serious woman. Thus, it was a surprise to see how tender the mentioned auntie was with Claire. Moreover, it was not just that auntie, it seemed like everybody in there was treating Claire in a special way.

"Girl, what's wrong? Are you shocked?" Kevin asked with a dazzling smile. Didn't he tell her about his family before? His aunts and uncles were all officials.

"No. I was just rattled to see so many big shots at the same time," said Leena before leaning on Kevin. She wasn't lying at all. She was really trembling and what she did proved her words to the man.

"For what? They don't bite people." Kevin was catching up with the guests before he came to Leena. He felt the need to check on her after seeing her standing like a mannequin with her eyes wide open.

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