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   Chapter 1009 I Picked Up A Cute Guy (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7480

Updated: 2019-01-30 00:47

"Okay, I am happy to accept your investigation," Kevin joked. It was rare to see Leena let go of the serious persona that was so unlike her. She was happy to be herself, as opposed to the rational woman she felt she had to be with Kevin.

"Fine, I'll do that. Don't back out." Leena wished time could freeze in the moment, and that she could just stand here with him forever. Right now, Kevin only belonged to her.

"Sure, I promise," Kevin said with conviction. It couldn't be said if he was just cheering for himself or if he really meant it. His expression, however, was serious enough to surmise that he was not joking.

"Okay, guys. This is too much. You two are making me nauseous. Shall we leave or not?" Claire gave the two of them a stern look. After hanging out with her, Claire found that Leena was not as annoying. Even though it was difficult for her to change her attitude toward Leena, Claire didn't hate her as much as she did before.

"Are you guys full now? You have tried all the snacks along the street." Kevin's mouth twisted. He didn't expect these two tiny girls to be such big gluttons. They could probably eat more than the soldiers in the army.

"Of course we are not full! We have a lot left to explore. Didn't you see that we only took a little bite out of every snack that we tried? We didn't eat that much. Besides, have you ever seen a girl act cool in front of tasty food?" Claire gave her brother a strange look. It must be because Kevin worked for the military base all day that he seldom had the opportunity to hang out with girls and was so clueless about them. After all, it was not a secret that girls were foodies.

"Aren't you afraid you'll gain weight?" Kevin didn't know how to respond. Hanging out with them was more exhausting than running 5 kilometers for military exercise.

"Yes, I do worry about gaining weight. But I can't resist the temptation," Leena said in a light voice. That was a common concern every girl shared and she was no exception. Fortunately, she had not rebounded after her successful weight loss in her youth. She was lucky that she managed to keep off the extra pounds.

"Okay, you win! Let's go." Kevin shook his head helplessly. There was nothing he could

arrived at Capital city yesterday afternoon. I am sorry I forgot to tell you! I didn't mean to do that. Are you mad at me?" Leena smiled sheepishly. She totally forgot that her brother was waiting on her call.

"What do you think? We have been worrying about you since you left. If you called up Belinda right now, I bet she'd be very vexed with you." Duke leaned back on the sofa. His face was cold, but the expression in his eyes was soft. Even though his lovely sister was a married woman now, Duke would always consider her to be the little girl whom he loved very much.

"Oh, no. I am screwed. Could you put in some good words for me? Tell Belinda I am so sorry!" Leena pouted. Right now she behaved like the young daughter of the Leng family, instead of the mature and ordinary daughter-in-law of the Gu family.

"No, I won't do that. You can call her later yourself and explain everything to her. Don't forget to do that! Otherwise, God himself can't save you, let alone me!" Duke shook his head helplessly. Belinda kept talking about Leena last night, worrying that Kevin's parents didn't like Leena and were treating her badly. Belinda cared for Leena so much like she was her own daughter.

"Okay. I'll call her later. Duke, you don't care for me like you used to. You don't even want to help me!" Leena exclaimed. Her smile disappeared to be replaced by a doleful frown. She knew Belinda had a bad temper and was difficult to cope with. Her wrath wouldn't be easy to face.

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