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   Chapter 1006 I Will Probably Never Be Okay (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5479

Updated: 2019-01-29 02:15

"If you continue to be so indifferent to me, I will probably never be okay," Kevin said, taking the opportunity to take hold of her wrist. She had managed to avoid him the entire morning, but this time he wouldn't let her go.

"What do you mean? Are you ill?" Leena exclaimed as she touched his forehead with the back of her hand. She was worried that he was exhausted.

"Yes, I'm ill. So now you have to take care of me," Kevin replied before intentionally leaning toward Leena, a cunning smile spreading across his face. His trick had worked.

"It's better for us to go home now." Leena didn't show a trace of doubt at his words. She was the kind of woman who was easily convinced. She effortlessly forgot about her decision to keep him at arm's length, beginning to feel concerned for him.

"It's not that serious. Let's go and buy you some clothes first before we go back home." Upon seeing that she was worried for him, Kevin felt relieved. He knew that Leena didn't really want to ignore him.

"But I'm worried about your health. We should go home now." Leena was so anxious that she didn't realize it was not easy for a strong soldier like Kevin to fall sick.

"Yes! Kevin, if you are not well now, we should go home. We can buy the clothes some other day." Truthfully, Claire was a little dubious about him being ill. Ever since childhood, she had never seen Kevin get sick. He was such a strong man.

"I just feel a little dizzy. It's okay. Don't worry." Once you told a lie, it never ceased to be. One deception led to another. Kevin regretted lying about his sickness. He felt like shooting himself in the foot.


o remind her of that, otherwise they would have the birthday party without a birthday cake.

"Okay, I will hang up now. We're outside the cake store. We'll pick one up." Kevin ended the call, glancing at Leena with admiration. He found her to be so special. She was a very thoughtful woman. Although she was very young, she cataloged all the tiny details in her mind and surprised them in the time of need.

"What did she say? She didn't buy a cake yet?" Leena looked at Kevin with doubt, trying to figure out what Shannon said over the phone.

"Yes, let's go buy the cake. Claire, you find a place to park the car. We can't pull up here for too long." Kevin pushed the car door open and got out. As always, the gentleman's hand reached out, waiting for Leena to grab onto it.

"I know." In all honesty, Claire didn't care much about the parking problem. She had always been very arrogant. Only a handful of people in the city didn't know her. But since her older brother asked her to park her car, she thought she'd better follow his words. She didn't want to be scolded again later.

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