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   Chapter 1004 At Least I Know Better Than You (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5484

Updated: 2019-01-29 01:05

"What? This is the last one? What a pity!" Claire was frustrated. She had taken a fancy to this skirt a while ago, but she was not rich enough to afford it back then. Now that she finally found someone to pay for it, there were no other choices left. How couldn't she be disappointed?

"What about this one? It's quite sought after too and many young girls have bought it. What's more, the color fits you well," the saleswoman said, reaching out for a creamy chiffon skirt, hoping that Claire would like it.

"This one? But I don't like its flare that much. I will look so delicate in it." Claire pursed her lips. She disliked the princess styles the most, especially after she met Leena. She would never want to wear such a sweet-looking skirt ever again.

"What about this one then? The design is quite simple but elegant. You are an aloof beauty and it will suit you well." The saleswoman took out another skirt, upon seeing that Claire disliked the flared one. This skirt was not as bright as the former one.

"Woman, don't you see clearly at all? I am not aloof! Be a little more perceptive, please." Claire was upset as she was unable to get her favorite skirt. The saleswoman's recommendation only made her more frustrated.

"I'm sorry, Miss. Take your time." At Claire's rebuke, the saleswoman decided not to continue peddling her anymore. The client could get unhappy if she kept persuading her to buy clothes that she disliked. One should know when to stop in these situations.

"Here you are. Why don't you try this one?" Leena said, passing Claire a white skirt she just picked up. As a matter of fact, Claire's skin was

ed them to wear yet." As a fashion designer, Leena recognized the kind of clothes that suited Kevin. Every time she found good clothes she thought were appropriate for Kevin, she bought them. That was the reason that each time Kevin opened his wardrobe, he saw a variety of latest styles.

"Kevin, what do you think? How do I look?" Claire asked Kevin, positively beaming. She had walked out wearing the new skirt as they were talking.

"Yes! You look great in this one. It's better and more novel than the other one," Kevin made the objective comment as a man, instead of a brother.

"Yes, Miss, you look much more graceful in this skirt. The color suits you perfectly," the saleswoman echoed Kevin's words. Meanwhile, her face grew hot as she looked at him. Oh, boy! It was no wonder that when faced with such a handsome young man, she flushed and her heart beat fast.

"Just like I expected. I told you, it suits you well. If you're satisfied with it, I suggest you take this one." Leena was confident in her choice. She firmly believed that the skirt was the best one for Claire.

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