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   Chapter 1003 At Least I Know Better Than You (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6128

Updated: 2019-01-29 00:41

"Hey, Leena. I'm not familiar with this designer. Don't accuse me of this, okay?" Kevin felt like he was blamed for nothing. He merely made some comments about the design. Why was she questioning him so much? Was it because she thought there was something going on between him and the designer? He was totally innocent.

"Kevin, look at this. How do I look? Isn't it beautiful?" Claire interrupted them when she walked over, wearing a lilac skirt. The nipped waist design showed off her nice figure perfectly.

"It's not bad. But the color… The color doesn't seem to be consistent with your skin," Leena made the comment from a designer's perspective. There was no prejudice behind her words and she did not mean to personally attack Claire.

However, that wasn't how it sounded like to Claire. "What do you mean? Are you implying that I have dark skin?" Claire shot a glare in Leena's direction. Oh, God! Perhaps she finally knew why she was not getting along well with Leena. Leena's snow-like milky skin was something she'd never achieve in her whole life. Claire felt upset and annoyed. 'Come on! I am a girl born in a political family! How can I lose out to this country girl? It does not make sense at all!'

"I didn't mean that. You can choose another color of the same style, such as the rose red one. It will look very eye-catching on you. Also, it will brighten up your complexion," Leena explained. After all, she was a designer. She was used to thinking in a certain way. She was not implying that Claire had dark skin. On the contrary, she believed that the color was the symbol of health. She did not consider it to be a drawback. Judging someone's appearance was not something a well-educated woman should do.

"Wow! You are making comments as if you are a professional designer! Please, stop being so fake. Why

walked toward the fitting room.

Kevin was speechless. The corners of his mouth tugged upwards. He did not respond to her. Did Claire think he was nagging her? In any case, at least there was some progress. She promised to be nice in the future. However, could he trust her words that she would not reproach Leena anymore? Kevin was not so sure.

"Miss, are you satisfied with this?" The smiling saleswoman asked Claire, expecting a positive answer from her. Her salary would increase should Claire buy the clothes, as her total wage was performance-based. The more clothes she sold, the more money she earned.

"Yes, I like it. But don't you have any other colors?" Claire really liked the skirt. She grudgingly accepted Leena's advice and considered trying out another color.

"I'm sorry, Miss! We don't have another color of this skirt as of now. All the others were sold out as soon as they were released because of the skirt's unique design. This piece is the last one we have," the saleswoman apologized. New arrivals of LN Fashion had unique designs. So they would usually be sold out or reserved by regular customers within just a few days. It was a welcome and popular brand with good sales performance.

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