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   Chapter 1001 The LN FASHION (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6897

Updated: 2019-01-29 00:25

"What do you mean! There's none left of course! I don't have an amazing job like you. Do you have any idea how high the prices are now? You don't expect me to be well off, do you? You know what, it really hurts me when you say things like that. Ever since I graduated, mom has halved my pocket money. I couldn't even keep my head above water if dad didn't help me out. Every time I go out, I have to pinch pennies and watch what I spend, in case I run out of my money at bill time and make a fool of myself. I can't remember exactly how many dresses have struck my fancy. The problem is, I'm too poor to buy them!" Claire was hurt. She couldn't understand what her mom was thinking. Why did she have to find a job now? Shouldn't she be able to enjoy her free time for a while before going to work? She was just fresh out of school! She shouldn't have pushed her so hard.

"I don't think mom's off-base. You're an adult and should be disciplined if you don't know how to act properly and be responsible for yourself," said Kevin gloatingly, his words far from sympathetic. His words also came as a surprise to Leena. Because she thought that all brothers in the world would act like Mr. Cold, who had lavished all his love and affection on his sister a lot. He'd do his best to make her happy. But it seemed that Kevin was doing quite the opposite. This made her realize that there could be more than one way for a brother to show that he loved his sister. Superficially, Kevin had been hard on Claire and they had a bad relationship. However, the truth was that they adored each other, and Kevin was only showing how much he cared by being strict with her. It was different from her intimate connection with Mr. Cold, but it was also love between siblings.

"I knew it!" snorted Claire,"I knew you wouldn't take my side! Fine, I don't need your support as long as you buy me clothes. Here we are, and get out now!" said Claire, looking at the busy street in front of her. It was full of dazzling luxury goods. Although things were very expensive here, it attracted

at a pity that I can barely buy a scrap of cloth there with the pittance I get from my mother," Claire said, sounding very disappointed. But this time, she noticed that Leena was unusually excited, and she wondered why she would look so happy. Was it something she said?

"It can't be that expensive!" Leena was quite confused now. Although it had become a world famous brand, LN's prices were much lower than similar brands. It was unlikely that even someone from an affluent family couldn't afford one. Leena frowned lightly, lost in thought. She had made some price adjustments specially in accordance to popular consumption concept, so as to make this brand more accessible and increase people's desire to buy. This strategy had been working very well under her management. She now wondered whether the agents here were doing their job and pricing things appropriately.

"Oh come off it! Don't talk like that. You couldn't know what I'm on about. LN is famous around the world, so certainly its prices are higher. Please don't lump it in with those cheap clothes of yours. You can't expect to own a LN at the same low price," blurted Claire, squinting at Leena in contempt. Her sense of superiority was brought back to life by Leena's words. She really hated to see Leena pretend to be an expert when she knew nothing at all. This made Claire despise her even more.

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