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   Chapter 998 A Wonderful Meal (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5740

Updated: 2019-01-28 03:49

"Yeah! Okay! I'll go upstairs to get my bag." Leena said and tried to turn around to go upstairs. Unexpectedly, Kevin grasped her wrist to stop her.

"Hey, you don't need to. I have enough money, no matter what you want to buy," Kevin promised decisively. How could he allow his wife to spend her own money? No way! He was the husband and she was supposed to spend his money. They were a couple. Otherwise, he would feel kind of useless. If a man could not buy his wife nice things, what good was him?

"But what about my phone? I left it in the bag." Leena had no problem if he insisted on spending his own money. She considered it to be natural and reasonable because she was his wife. A wife had the right to spend her husband's money as long as he did not object to it. She really didn't need his money before -- she had her own. She didn't care much about money.

"Don't worry! I have it here. Here you go!" Kevin said and handed her the phone. He also helped Leena with her coat, slipping it gracefully onto her shoulders once she had her arms in the sleeves. He felt like a god. That was his purpose! He had anticipated everything Leena might need and reacted accordingly. This way, she had no excuse to get her purse anymore.

"Come on, Kevin. You don't say hi to your sis anymore? I've been here this whole time and you didn't even look at me. Am I invisible or something?" Claire complained unhappily. When she saw her brother give Leena so much tender loving care, she was about to go ballistic.

"Why are you still here? I saw you march off in a hurry." Kevin stared at her, confused. He thought she had left.

"Glad you noticed. At least I know I'm not invisible now. I'm going out now, so could

g out with them was just an excuse. She wanted to drive that car. The Audi was her goal the whole time!

"You? Not even. Did you get the driver license legally? Or did you just buy a fake one somewhere?" Kevin smiled with a teasing expression and made fun of her. He wanted to see her squirm.

"A fake driver license? Really, Kevin? I tried so hard to get this. It's not fake! I've been driving for 2 years. Don't you trust me?" Claire panted with rage while she stuck up for herself. Still, she gritted her teeth to hold her anger in because she didn't want to start a fight. She might lose the chance to sit in the driver's seat of that amazingly nice car!

"All right. I'll trust you just this once. So be careful. Our lives are in your hands," Kevin said and tossed the key to Claire. He knew the real reason why she insisted on going out with them. That Pikes Peak, Leena's new car, caught her attention. Well, well. It seemed that Claire was not only a stubborn girl but also a vain girl. Otherwise, she would not have offered to drive. Everything she did was in order to get behind the wheel of that car, and show off to everyone.

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