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   Chapter 997 A Wonderful Meal (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6507

Updated: 2019-01-28 03:49

"Nobody? Really? So you're not talking about me?" Kevin sat down hesitantly. Now he was onto something. So they were talking about him just now!

"We're not talking about you! What? Do you have a persecution complex or something?" Leena pinched Kevin's hand slightly under the table to get him to change the subject. It was an awkward topic for both of them.

"I get it. I won't keep asking anymore. Let's eat! After that, I'll show you around so you can see what this city has to offer. It's really beautiful this time of year." Kevin had planned to take her out even if his mother hadn't made the suggestion. He wasn't around her much after their marriage because he was either in the office or gone for training. Now they had the time. He was on vacation, and of course wanted to spend more time with her to develop a deeper bond. And there was nothing like a little sightseeing to do just that.

"Pfftt! Mr. Good Husband will do whatever his wife says," Claire sneered. The more Kevin acted tenderly with his wife, the more uncomfortable Claire became. She was the real princess in this family, not Leena! But now there was nobody else in her brother's eyes except Leena.

"Claire, focus on your breakfast, please. Why are you always so rude?" Shannon shot a stare at Claire. How impolite she was! Kevin and Leena were a couple and they were close to each other. But why did Claire always try to get in between them?

"I get it, Mom. I was just talking out of my butt. I didn't mean it. You're being unfair. You constantly get on to me for every little thing. Why don't you concentrate on Kevin? He hasn't been home long. Enjoy it!" Claire pursed her lips unhappily. She felt that her mother was constantly harping on her, all because of Leena. That was not fair.

"I don't need to worry about Kevin. He does well enough on his own. And he's polite. But you? You don't listen to me at all no matter how many times I tell you." Shannon

Lee. He might have it. Or Kevin. I'm not sure," Leena answered honestly. She had no clue where the key was. She just walked into the house as soon as they got out yesterday. As for who pocketed the key, she did not know.

"Why do you know nothing at all? Well, forget it, I'll go and find him myself." Claire rolled her eyes at Leena and then looked askance at her. But soon, she concluded that it was understandable that Leena knew nothing about a key. Anyway, the car was not hers. Claire thought so.

"What are you looking for? Leena, are you done? Let's go!" Kevin had no time to take a shower because he went to the kitchen to prepare the breakfast as soon as he finished his morning exercise. So he was cleaning himself off just now after they finished the breakfast. He went downstairs as soon as he was finished.

"Really? We're going out?" Leena asked, confused at Kevin's suggestion. It wasn't really appropriate, right? Wasn't it his dad's birthday today? There must be tons of things to be prepared later. As the daughter-in-law, it wasn't right for her to go out.

"Yes, it's Dad's birthday today! But we can still go out, as long as we come back around noon or so." Kevin very well knew why Leena was puzzled and what she was worried about. So he explained to her carefully.

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