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   Chapter 996 A Wonderful Meal (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6122

Updated: 2019-01-28 01:10

"You have spoiled her too much. You always have, and you're still doing it! Look at her. She's too stubborn. She's not nice, she's not polite." Shannon sighed and shook her head helplessly. Her husband was the most responsible for spoiling Claire. As a result, she became willful and arrogant. He always forgave her for whatever she said and did.

"From where I'm standing, Claire is a good girl, and makes no mistake. She is a girl, so she is stubborn. As long as she doesn't go too far, it's fine by me." Nathan coughed a bit. Claire was always well-behaved around him. She was usually polite, but meanwhile, she was headstrong. Anyway, she was still young and she would learn better manners as time went by. She was his beloved daughter and she could do no wrong.

"Skip it. I can't expect you to see how she really is. You're a leader of men, you have soldiers at your beck and call. But why can't you see that your own daughter is haughty and rude? Honestly! I don't understand you," said Shannon unhappily and rolled her eyes at Nathan. Claire was this way because he always took her side and defended her no matter whether she was right or wrong. So even when Shannon tried to teach Claire how to behave, Claire would always run to Nathan and ask for protection. That way, Shannon had no way to deal with her.

"Yes, I'm a leader. But a leader is just an ordinary father at home." Nathan rarely refuted Shannon. He always listened to her, even if he didn't always agree. He just remained silent, and held his tongue. But this time, he fought back. He did it deliberately because Leena was here. He wouldn't have his authority questioned in front of his daughter-in-law. That just wasn't cool. Although he complained that he was just a father at home, he still wanted to be thought of as a leader.

"Oh, yeah, I see! Some

cer Shannon was to Leena, the more hateful Claire was. She just hated it when her mother showed affection for Leena. So she would get every chance to tease or make fun of Leena. She was supposed to be her mother's princess and enjoy all of her parents' love. But why did her mother focus on Leena so much and just ignore Claire? The girl could not feel more jealous.

"So, in your opinion, a major general shouldn't do housework, right? Well if that were true, he'd be helpless and couldn't get married at all," Shannon said and chuckled. Well, yes, there was already a man who did nothing at home; Nathan, her husband and their father. Shannon did not want her son to become another Nathan who treated his family like his army.

"What are you talking about? Get married? Who's getting married?" Kevin walked out of the kitchen, holding the pancake he just made. He asked curiously as he could swear he heard something about marriage. He had no idea that they were talking about him.

"Nobody's getting married. Sit down and finish your breakfast! You can show Leena around after the meal. She's not familiar with this city." Shannon changed the subject quickly. She didn't really want to put her son on the spot.

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