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   Chapter 995 Leena's Concerns (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6928

Updated: 2019-01-28 00:55

"Oh? Leena can cook too?" It was obvious Shannon was taken aback by this. She understood that Leena was from a rich family. Nathan had told her that. But rich girls had everything done for them, so how did she learn to cook? Shannon was impressed that she didn't act spoiled at all. In fact, she was polite, humble, and sweet. On the other hand, Claire, who was also from a wealthy family, behaved totally differently. In comparison, Shannon liked Leena even more.

"I'm sorry, mom. I'm not a good cook and I've turned the kitchen into a mess." Leena tried to give a smile, but for the first time she found it hard. Her conversation with Kevin was still fresh in her mind. She felt like a big rock was pressing down on her chest.

"It's good enough. Claire can't even cook half as well as you." Most parents thought their kids were the best, no matter what. However, in Shannon's eyes, her daughter-in-law was much better than her kids. Leena could have acted like a princess, but she didn't. Shannon felt lucky to have her as a daughter-in-law, because she was convinced that Leena could do better.

"Mom! Seriously?" Claire shouted angrily. Not only did her mom trash talk her, but she did it in front of Leena. She believed that Leena must have told something to her mom. Hence, her resentment towards Leena grew deeper. She'd teach that little bitch a good lesson!

"What? It's the truth. You should try what she's cooked up here. It's really good. I'll reckon with you later about something else." Shannon looked at Claire, full of disappointment. She didn't understand why Claire and Leena were so different. On the surface, they were both young, beautiful and from rich familes, but on the inside, Leena was much better cultivated than Claire. Maybe it was her fault how she was raised. Leena's family obviously did a better job bringing her up.

"Humph! Somebody must have said something about me when I wasn't around." Claire cast a contemptuous glance at Leena. She thought Leena must have talked about her behind her back to her mom. That was enough for her

cold now. Millet porridge will warm you up. It's very sweet." Shannon put a bowl of millet porridge in front of Nathan and then started to fill a second bowl. Leena looked at Nathan nervously, secretly praying that he would like the warm cereal.

"Duh. My brother helped her. She should be as honest as I am. I have never lied about the things I couldn't do, let alone taken credit for other people's work." Claire shot a disdainful look at Leena. She had expected to see how embarrassed she would be in the kitchen. However, all she had gotten was that her brother had ruined her plan and her mom had scolded her in front of Leena. Thinking of this, she made a sour face again in Leena's direction.

"I..." Claire's words humiliated Leena so much she looked at Nathan nervously, worried that he'd hate her for it, but sadly, she couldn't come up with anything to say back. She just stood there, all flushed with embarrassment.

"Claire, that's your sister-in-law you're talking about. Show some respect! You are too spoiled. I haven't talked to you about Maud yet. And you're one to talk!" Shannon said sternly, eyes filled with deep disappointment.

"Don't talk with your mouth full," Nathan suddenly put in. Obviously, he couldn't stand Claire being blamed for anything. He seemed so stately and serious to Leena that she was stunned to see how much he indulged Claire.

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