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   Chapter 993 Making Pancake In The Kitchen (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5755

Updated: 2019-01-28 00:16

"Haha! Don't be a silly. I don't have time to stare at you." Unexpectedly, Claire felt a bit flustered when she looked at Leena and saw the sadness on her face. Had she been too mean with her brother's wife? She shrugged her shoulder after some seconds. Who cared if she made her sad? Leena's feelings were out of her concern. The only thing this woman did was to mess their family. Nobody should be blamed for her sadness but herself. If Leena hadn't married Kevin for money, she wouldn't have teased and mocked her.

It was only after Claire left the kitchen that Leena burst into tears. She was young and she couldn't help being emotional about what just happened. She was seriously misunderstood and wronged! Never had she felt anything worse than this before.

She sniffed miserably and blew her nose. Instead of preparing the simple western-style breakfast, she cooked some millet gruel and pancakes which she had only learnt how to cook from some TV food program. It was said that citizens from the capital city loved this kind of breakfast. She hoped that Kevin's parents and sister would like it.

It took her some while and some wasted materials just to make a decent piece of pancake. It wasn't a surprise since she was never used to making one on the first place. She looked around and saw the mess in the kitchen. A sudden fear attacked her with the thought that her mother-in-law might come home soon, find the messy kitchen, and then blame her for doing nasty housework.

"Leena, what're you doing here?" asked Kevin. He was wearing a sports suit and there were beads of sweat on his forehead. It was obvious that he just finished his morning exercise.

"Well, I am triying to cook some pancakes. It t

od at this? It's actually quite easy," Kevin boasted. He smiled at Leena cheerfully. Although he dared not to ask Leena more questions as to why her eyes were red, he had already made a mental note about talking to Claire. He was determined to ask his sister to stop embarrassing his wife anymore.

"You're awesome but you were wrong. Cooking pancake isn't easy. I will never know how to make batter from scratch." Leena had to admit that she couldn't do better than Kevin in cooking or doing housework. However, she didn't intend to surrender nor allow Kevin to make fun of her.

"Sweetie, you have witnessed what I can do in the kitchen. It's lucky that I came back home before you present your pancakes at the dining table. Your pancakes would have angered Dad. Don't worry, okay? My pancakes are what my Dad loves most for breakfast," assured Kevin. Speaking of which, Kevin sighed as he finally realized what was his sister's plan. Claire wanted to embarrass Leena by telling her to prepare a nasty breakfast for the family. They all knew that their Dad was very picky about his breakfast. He supposed that Leena didn't know about that.

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