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   Chapter 985 The Hostility From Claire (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7065

Updated: 2019-01-26 03:25

The only reaction Leena did in response to Claire's dislike was to purse her lips a little. She did not even feel hurt. Just as what Kevin said, she was Claire's sister-in-law, which suggested that she was a senior to Claire. Even if she was actually younger than her, she should be generous and should not get angry with the woman because she was Kevin's sister. Plus, she was not in S City. She wasn't the princess here but instead a daughter-in-law of another family.

"Leena, keep up." Kevin felt a bit sorry because Claire separated them. He turned his head and looked at Leena to remind her to catch up. It was only after he saw that Leena wasn't showing any signs of unhappiness that he felt his chest relieved.

"Let's go! Kevin. It's just a small place. She won't get lost as an adult," Claire pouted. She really hated it when her elder brother cared for Leena. Many girls had their vision of Prince Charming. Claire was no exception. For her, Prince Charming was no other than her elder brother whom she had grown up with. Kevin was handsome, not to mention, heroic. He had been her idol for all her life and now suddenly, here came another woman, his wife. How could she accept his wife easily? Leena was nothing but an outsider to her.

"She's right, Kevin. Don't worry about me. Let's hurry up and go back!" A slight smile showed on Leena's lips. There was no ground for her to be angry at Claire. A younger sister would always like to stay with her elder brother. They shared the same blood and family. Plus, they hadn't seen each other for a while, thus, it was understandable for Claire to be clingy with Kevin. Those excuses comforted Leena. There was no need for her to take this situation seriously. She was also like Claire whenever she was with Duke but Belinda had never shown any unhappiness about it. She would be too narrow-minded if she would feel uncomfortable with her sister-in-law.

Claire felt as if she was bigger than her body as she succeeded in setting the two apart. Yes, she did it deliberately. God knew how many times she had rolled her eyes in her mind upon seeing how Ke

that Kevin was not the kind who would behave gently to any women. Thus, she felt touched with how he was taking care of her. She should probably stop being sad. She was the lucky one after all.

Everyone was already settled and ready on their seats when Leena and Kevin came into the dining room. They were the only ones missing. Undoubtedly, they caught everyone's attention and Leena felt how the atmosphere surrounding them oddly changed.

"I'm sorry to have kept everyone waiting for long." Leena was feeling awkward with how everyone was looking at them but still managed to apologize. She had always been a well-behaved woman who was born and raised up in a decent family. She was a beloved princess who grew in elegance and grace after all.

"It's alright. Take a seat, please! Leena, don't be so polite with us. It will make me feel distant. Remember, you are our daughter-in-law. It makes you a member of our family. Take it easy, my dear." Shannon looked at Leena with gentle eyes. She was curious about how Leena's family raised her to be such a well-behaved and excellent child. Claire was clearly left behind, be it about manners or talking.

"Yes. I see. Thank you, Mom." Leena was a cheerful woman. However, she chose to hide her true personality before the Gu family. She had become a quiet girl. She looked so gentle and soft that people would find it hard to resist her sweet smile.

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