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   Chapter 981 Welcome Home (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6483

Updated: 2019-01-26 00:40

"Fine. Nice to meet you too, Leena." Claire said these words a bit reluctantly. Again she looked Leena up and down, and remained unsatisfied. Why did her brother marry such a girl? What did he see in her? He must have been blind!

"Claire, right? It's really nice to finally meet you in person. Your brother said so many nice things about you. He told me that you were a very beautiful girl with a strong personality. It seems that he's very right about that." Leena didn't mind her words, because she knew that it was not that easy to make a person like you. You had to work for it. And that was just the way it was. Not everyone was going to fall in love with you the first time you met.

"Really? He rarely says nice things about me. But I can't deny his words. He's pretty much right about me." Though she still didn't like Leena, Claire couldn't help but get a little bit smug. After all, no women in this world didn't like being complimented.

Kevin looked at Leena in surprise, because he didn't even compliment his little sister once! Leena was making all those things up to get on Claire's good side. Well, she was actually very smart. In fact, the only thing he ever said about Claire was how stubborn and spoiled she was. But coming from Leena's mouth, these things all became Claire's good qualities.

"Yeah! To be honest, you are even much prettier than I expected." Leena added, looking very sincere. To be honest, if you looked more closely, Claire looked a lot like her brother, but she was more gentle and didn't have sharp angles like Kevin did.

"What are you all doing here? Just come inside!" Right when Leena was still trying to make Claire like her, a loving voice interrupted them again. At the same time, a woman appeared on the stair in front of the house. She looked very nice and elegant, and had a gentle smile on her face. Well, this must be Kevin's mother. She must have heard them and couldn't wait insi

th shut like a good kid.

"What did I say? I didn't say anything! Come on, let's get inside. Or your daughter-in-law is going to catch a cold." Kevin wasn't worried about himself. He was just a bit worried that Leena wasn't used to the weather here and would catch a cold.

"Well, whose fault is that? You just couldn't keep your mouth shut." After she had said her piece, Shannon quickened her pace and walked into the house. Instead, Leena was the one who wanted to retreat, because she suddenly recalled from Kevin's words before that his father was a very serious man.

"What is it?" Feeling Leena's reluctance, Kevin couldn't help but ask.

"It's nothing." Leena smiled at him, though the smile was forced. She just didn't want to bother him with her nervousness and said those words only to try to comfort herself. In fact, she was anxious and felt like she was about to die from anxiety. Her heart thumped in her ribcage.

Claire hadn't said a word since her mother walked out. She just watched Leena's every action in silence, judging her. And now, she couldn't help but think that Leena was immature. Grown women weren't this nervous, were they? Well, it seemed that she was indeed from a very ordinary family, because she couldn't even be brave enough to face their father.

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