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   Chapter 980 Welcome Home (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7253

Updated: 2019-01-26 00:28

"Well, that's all that I know about him." Lee could tell that Kevin was not happy with his stories, so he stopped talking. He figured it wouldn't be wise to continue.

"Leena, if you'd like to hear more, how about I tell you when we're back home?" Kevin shook his head, feeling a bit helpless about Leena. He suddenly found that Leena was more relaxed with him. He didn't know if that was because Lee was also here. Leena always got a bit more nervous when the two of them were alone together and didn't usually talk this much.

"No! I want to hear it right now." Leena puckered her lips. She was entranced and impatient to hear the rest. Plus, she was annoyed by Kevin's intrusion. As a spoiled girl in a rich and loving family, she couldn't help being a baby sometimes. After all, she always got what she wanted.

"Come on, Leena. Please don't be like this. Besides, we're almost there." Kevin pressed his lips. There was also a small frown on his face. They had been talking non-stop for more than two hours. Weren't they tired by now? He just couldn't understand why they were so energetic.

Leena was shocked at Kevin's tone. It seemed like he was pleading. And it was something Kevin never did when others were around. Leena couldn't believe her own ears. Also, this clammed her up, and made her not want to argue with Kevin anymore. So she just shut her mouth and sat silently sulking in the car.

The closer they got to Kevin's home, the more nervous Leena became. Though she had prepared gifts for everyone like the sweet girl she was, she was still worried that she wouldn't meet with their approval. Because she had heard a lot of things about military families before. She'd heard that they didn't like girls who were from business world or even rich girls. So she was afraid that Kevin's family wouldn't accept her as his wife. Besides, as the princess in her own family who had been spoiled a lot since she was just a baby, she had no idea if she could live up to their expectations of a daughter-in-law.

When the Quattro slowly rolled past the gate guarded by two soldiers with guns, for the first time, Leena realized that the place they were goin

much!" Claire said these words in a sweet tone while throwing herself into Kevin's arms, hugging him tightly. Apparently she missed her brother that much.

"Alright, alright. Calm down. Yeah, I'm back. And this is your sister-in-law," Kevin said, disentangling himself from Claire's arms, feeling a bit helpless with her passionate welcome. But secretly, he missed his sister too.

"Hello, I'm Leena Leng. Nice to meet you!" No fool herself, Leena knew who this woman was from their conversation, so she introduced herself nicely.

"My...sister-in-law? Are you kidding? Why, she's still a little girl!" Claire looked up and down Leena with eyes full of disdain. Though she thought that Leena had a sweet face and a good figure, she really didn't like her fashion sense. Just one look was enough for Claire to know that Leena was not from a rich family with reputation. She felt that this ordinary girl was definitely unsuitable for her lovely and capable brother.

"Claire, mind your manners! Yes, Leena's younger than you, but she's still my wife and your sister-in-law, so you should show some respect." Kevin chided his little sister, then turned to Leena and gave her an apology by way of a helpless smile. His little sister was also the princess in his family, and everyone spoiled her. So she always did what she wanted to do, and said what she wanted to say, no matter how anyone else felt. That was why she was being so impolite.

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