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   Chapter 978 Going Home (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6682

Updated: 2019-01-25 01:54

"Sorry, but my wife is telling the truth. I don't like eating meals with strangers." Kevin looked at Leena. Now it was his turn to be fascinated. When did sweet Leena learn to be jealous? He thought she would never allow that kind of behavior to show easily.

The woman did not expect that Kevin would say anything to back Leena up. Her face immediately turned red in embarrassment. Another more important key fact was that they were a couple! She thought they were just siblings, but nothing could be further from the truth. Leena looked even younger than her. Oh, why did such an excellent man marry at such an early age?

"Major General, Leena, here." At this time, sharp-eyed Lee spotted a vacancy. He got there quickly, before anyone could grab it. He then raised his hand and called out to them.

"Let's go!" Kevin smiled in a low voice. He took her hand and walked to Lee. Somehow he felt quite happy when he realized Leena was jealous because of him.

Leena could not help feeling embarrassed at her actions. Oh, God! What did she say just now? And touching Kevin! She was not supposed to fight back like that! That woman obviously was not inviting her but Kevin. But she rejected her offer without thinking twice. Was her tone hateful? She wondered. She really didn't like the girl, though. Oh, but she hated it when she acted impulsively.

"What would you like to order?" Unlike Leena who was still lost in total embarrassment, Kevin smiled brightly, his eyes fixed on Leena's cute and small face, which was now completely blushing red. Probably even he himself did not know he would become so delighted at her response to that woman.

"I'll just have some light food. Help yourselves." Leena glanced at the menu and failed to find something she liked. She just ordered some light dishes and wondered how they would taste a few moments later. Truth be told, she had little confidence in them. She didn't really trust this place.

"That's a great idea. Major General, let's have som

o. He didn't say anything just now.

"How do you think, Lee? Kevin asked Lee back interestedly. There was such a contrast between his evil smile and his uniform. Yet surprisingly, such an evil smile was in accordance with him. He wanted to make fun of Lee all of a sudden.

"I think it's better for me to focus on my meal!" Lee finally realized sadly that he would become the target at last as long as he was involved in their conversation. Both of them would turn to him when there was any disagreement between them. So he decided not to say one more word and only concentrate on his meal as soon as the staff placed the dishes on the table. He immediately started his meal and threw courtesy right out the window. He knew the Major General did not care about these unimportant sophisticated manners.

"Hey, Lee. Take it slow! You don't want to choke." Leena could not help speaking up to remind Lee to be careful, seeing him start eating in a hurry. She did not want anything to lodge in his throat. That was never fun, and sometimes extremely painful.

"Don't worry about him. Let's dig in! The weather's getting cold, and so is the food," Kevin said while dishing her up some food carefully. Although he had loved Daisy secretly, those feelings had already gone now. Leena was his legal wife and he cared for her a lot.

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