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   Chapter 977 Going Home (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6875

Updated: 2019-01-25 01:42

"It's okay. I'm not cold." It was the first time after their marriage that Kevin behaved intimately when they were together in public. She felt as if there were butterflies in her heart. Meanwhile, she felt rather shy because of how close he was and his caring words.

"Go. I'll be here when you come out," Kevin said and let go of her. He did not go to the men's room. Instead, he turned around and walked outside quickly.

"What happened, Major General?" Lee got out of the car and was about to walk inside to meet them. He saw Kevin as he headed there, and wondered why he went out so quickly.

"Oh, nothing! It's a little bit cold outside. I'm getting Leena a coat." They would go for a meal later. So he was worried that Leena might catch a cold because it was really cold outside. That was why he walked outside to get a coat for her. She would need it, he thought.

"Oh yeah, I get it. Leena is used to the warm weather in her city. No wonder she might have a hard time getting used to the cold weather here." Lee was from the northern part of the country so he was quite used to the weather here.

"Exactly. I forgot to remind her of it before we started the trip. I don't even know whether her coats are warm enough or not." They talked while walking quickly to the restroom. Kevin was concerned that Leena might be worried when she came out and saw nobody waiting there. He said he'd stay there, after all.

"Don't worry, Major General. If her coats aren't warm enough, your sister must have a warm coat and your wife could borrow it for a bit," Lee suggested. In Lee's mind, both of them were girls. There should be no problem swapping garments. However, Kevin knew better. His sister hated it when other people borrowed things from her. Leena was a rich girl and she would not like to wear other people's clothing. It would be like hand-me-downs, which was beneath her.

"Well, we'll talk about it later. Here, Leena!" Kevin replied and saw Leena look around the gate. He immediately ran towards her.

"Hey, where did you go? You sa

ailable spot for them in a fast food joint.

"No worries. We still have plenty of time. Are you hungry now?" Kevin raised his head and took a glance around the room. It was lunchtime and no wonder there were more people than usual. It might take a bit for the crowd to eat, and then tables would open up.

"Hey, handsome. I don't mind if you sit with me." While they were discussing options, the woman who had just stolen Leena's table spoke out. She stared at Kevin with a fascinated look in her eyes because Kevin struck a handsome figure as a man in uniform.

"Oh. Thank you, miss, but no, we're fine. We will feel uncomfortable when eating with strangers." It was Leena who turned the girl down. She wasn't about to let anyone muscle in on her man, and she proved it this time. Oh, she was really cute. What was more, she touched Kevin's arm, marking her territory. She actually seemed to get protective! Kevin could barely contain his delight. His woman was fighting for him.

"Um, from what I see, you're the only one who has a problem with it. I bet this handsome guy has other ideas." The woman shot an aggressive look at Leena and then turned her eyes to Kevin's handsome features. She turned out to be quite shy when she looked at Kevin. Ha-ha. It seemed that even a tough girl would turn gentle and sweet immediately when faced with a good looking guy.

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