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   Chapter 970 A Villain (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5860

Updated: 2019-01-24 00:49

"Wow, If you hadn't spoken just now, maybe I wouldn't have noticed how pretty and hot you are," Shaun said inappropriately. He reached out abruptly and tried to touch her pointed chin. Coco evaded his hand smartly. She had worked in the movie industry for many years, and met all sorts of people. She knew well how to protect herself from such dirtbags.

"You should leave, Mr. Gao. My cousin is sick. She won't talk, even if you keep yelling and embarrassing her," Coco said. She shed silent tears as she continued. "The doctors said that she is trapped in her own mind and is reluctant to talk to anybody but herself. Technically, she isn't sick. She has just locked herself up in the darkness, and it prevents anyone else from coming inside, or herself from coming outside." That also explained why Coco had gone to the Mu Mansion in anger, desperate to seek justice for her cousin.

"If she can't give me the answer that I urgently need, you should be the one to pay her debt, as her cousin. Am I not right?" Shaun said as he stared at Coco in lust. He realized he had seen her somewhere before, but couldn't remember the details.

"Why should I do that? Leave, or I'll call the police," Coco cried. She didn't think she was capable of talking some sense into this bastard, nor of persuading him to leave Jessica's ward. She chose to ignore him, even though he had inflicted great damage to Jessica. However, she was shocked to find that he had the nerve to come to the hospital and accuse Jessica of being a slut.

"Call the police? Do it! I'll be happy to tell the police about how your cousin deceived me. Then, they will feel obliged to arrest a liar and put her in jail." Shaun sneered. Born into a wealthy and influential family, Shaun h

is way," Coco shouted, trembling in shock. She rushed to Jessica's side and helped her lie down on the bed again. She felt scared and wondered why her parents hadn't appeared yet. She was not capable enough to deal with such an evil man.

"I can do whatever I want with your cousin. So, babe, will you come with me or not?" Shaun smirked at her tauntingly. He went behind Coco to circle his arms around her waist, while she was bending over to help Jessica. He started to grope her body.

"Bastard, let go of me," Coco screamed, horrified by Shaun's sudden assault right in front of Jessica, his former mistress and her cousin. They were inside a hospital room, for God's sake. She struggled to fight him.

"I won't release you until you give me a kiss." Shaun attempted to kiss Coco on the cheek. But before he could do that, he heard a cold voice. Suddenly, a briefcase was wedged between his mouth and Coco's cheek, preventing him from kissing her.

"I would let her go if I were you," Daisy said in a mocking tone. She looked at Shaun condescendingly, disgusted. She recognized him immediately, since they had met once before, back at the jewelry store.

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