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   Chapter 969 A Villain (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5709

Updated: 2019-01-24 00:49

"If you were a bird, I wouldn't be able to bear breaking your wings. It would be better if I let you go, so you can spread your wings and soar high. But if I lock you away at home, you will be deeply depressed. After some time, the colors in your life will darken. I won't be able to stand that at all," Edward said with a rather sour expression. He closed his eyes. There was a terrible struggle in his heart. He had to make a choice. Otherwise, Daisy was more likely to give up everything for him. In doing so, she would be like a phoenix with broken wings.

"But.." Daisy wished to speak, but stopped on second thought. She had no intention of hurting him. Nevertheless, if he was so fragile, it meant that he was hurt anyway.

"Forget it. You should take a shower and have good rest. Don't you have work to do tomorrow?" Edward removed his hands from Daisy. He was being emotional and vulnerable right now. After some time, he would become strong and confident as usual. As a husband, he could throw a tantrum sometimes, but he couldn't affect his wife negatively.

"I don't need to go to work tomorrow morning. But I'm required to be at the army base in the afternoon," Daisy said sadly. She wanted to turn round and look at her husband as she felt the quivering in his body. She wondered how he was feeling.

"Go and take a shower. Don't you know that I'm obsessed with cleanliness?" Edward was always a reasonable and sensible man. Even when he was extremely worried about something, he kept his anxieties to himself, although he smiled at his family in comfort.

"Why, have you lost interest in me already?" Daisy retorted. She seized the chance to turn round and found that his eyes were red.

roup had become one of the substantial shareholders of Kompass Group, as Coco had gathered from the newspapers. As for Shaun, if he thought he could fight a hopeless battle, he was an old fool. She cursed under her breath.

"Are you telling me that I'm stupid? Yes, you're probably correct. I'm a big fool to be tricked and enchanted by this evil-minded slut. I'm way out of my league to try and challenge Edward now. What a huge idiot I am! And now, this witch hides in this fucking hospital, safe and sound, while my company is at risk," Shaun yelled hysterically. Shaun didn't know how to treat a lady gently. He yelled at Coco in an intimidating manner, even though he just met her for the first time.

"Don't you swear in front of me. Stop calling my sister a slut. You are such a villain! You were the one seduced by her! You should blame yourself for your indecent conduct and remarks," Coco answered sharply, in an attempt to defend her cousin. Coco was much more charming when she got angry. She reminded Shaun of that cold and pretty girl whom he met in the jewelry shop last time. He turned his gaze from Jessica to Coco.

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