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   Chapter 964 Am I So Frightening (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7184

Updated: 2019-01-23 02:41

"Of course I didn't make a sound. Everything happened because of me. My father would have kicked my ass if I dared sneak in a word. He is the boss of Mayfly while I am just a powerless nobody. How could I confront him?" Edward retorted calmly. He knew how much his father loved his mother. Any word that came out of his mouth would have only fueled his anger, instead of helping in reasoning with him. Edward wasn't so tired of life yet that he wanted to die at his father's hands! After all, he hoped to grow old with Daisy. He should keep himself safe and sound before that happened.

"Ha ha! Finally you admitted that you were just a nobody," Daisy cackled. Suddenly, she felt something warm run down her foot. She pushed up her pants to see if her leg was bleeding.

"Woman, you don't understand. A man should know when to hold his head high and when to eat the humble pie. Only that way can he hope to have a wonderful life. Otherwise, things don't go as smoothly and - Daisy, what is that? Is your leg bleeding? Jesus, you lied to me! You said it was nothing serious. That wound looks dangerous," Edward exclaimed as he noticed the blood. He grabbed his phone quickly to make a call to Tom as soon as possible.

Daisy frowned. She hadn't thought it would get so bad. She had bandaged it simply by herself at the army base, instead of going to the infirmary to get it treated. "Hello, Edward. Are you calling to invite me over for dinner?" Tom had just finished performing an operation. No sooner had he stepped into his office to take a break than he received Edward's phone call. He hadn't even had the time to drink any water yet. He was always thirsty and weary after surgery.

"Come over right now! Daisy's leg is injured. It needs immediate treatment." Edward cut to the chase, totally ignoring Tom's quip.

"What? She got injured again? You have to remind her that she is only human. She can't subject her body to injuries again and again," Tom said earnestly as he got to his feet. He needed to talk to his coworkers about a couple of important things before he left the hospital for Edward's house. The patient they had operated

docile. However, it didn't do anything to appease Edward, who was seething with rage.

"Noted? Do you really mean that? You promise you won't let yourself get hurt again?" Edward asked her with a corrupt grin, which chilled Daisy to the bone. She would rather he yelled at her than hear him speak to her in the grim tone, and with such a sinister grin on his face.

"Edward, could you talk to her later? You are upsetting my patient. Even I am scared of you. If my hands shake during the treatment, I won't be responsible for the consequences," Tom rebuked him. Although Edward's glare was not on him, he could feel himself sweating all over. As his close friend, he knew Edward was on the verge of exploding. To spare himself trouble, he clarified himself to Edward in case he took it out on him later. After all, Edward wouldn't go as easy on him as on Daisy.

"Your hands would shake? Just you try." Edward glanced at Tom's hands in disdain. Obviously, if that happened, things wouldn't go as Tom would hope for.

"Can you step outside for a moment? You are making me nervous," Tom implored him. His hands were indeed trembling. He was worried that he would hurt Daisy.

"Why are you nervous? Am I so frightening? Just do your job! There are no negotiations!" Edward didn't leave the room, but sat on the sofa situated at a distance. He couldn't stand the possibility that Tom might hurt his beloved wife accidentally.

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