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   Chapter 961 Good Job (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5408

Updated: 2019-01-23 02:55

"Do you think I want to get myself hurt? I got scratched today when training the soldiers," Daisy said it as if it was nothing. She didn't even tell him that she almost fell down a cliff. The crisis was averted and she was fine now. She didn't want him to be worried.

"What kind of training it was? Why on earth was it so dangerous?" Edward looked sad at the sight of her injury. He didn't have the mood to argue with her anymore.

"It's a military secret. I can't tell you." Daisy raised her eyes as if saying something very mysterious. For her, all the training programs of the special troops were very dangerous. She wouldn't choose to tell this to him, of course.

"Huh! Do you fear that I am a spy and will let the secret out?" Edward clenched his teeth and looked at her smug face. It turned out that she had qualms about telling him the details of their military programs. Honestly, he wouldn't even care about the troops' activity if it wasn't for her. He was never an idle man. There was a lot of work in the company that troubled him. How could he have extra time to care about any other things?

"Huh! Do you even think that you're qualified to be a spy? You will be an insult to that profession." Daisy said while taking the medicine back into the kit. Obviously, there was a tinge of contempt in her tone. She narrowed her eyes and glanced at him disdainfully. She took pleasure in beating Edward in the verbal argument. Otherwise, Edward would always consider himself a world above her and others.

"You're right. Such a demanding work is not suitable for me. Plus, I'm counting on you to feed an

w his temper. He might usually look carefree but he was never the type of man she would want to provoke. His anger could be serious. As the saying went,"A wise man submits to circumstances." In her case, she'd better succumb to this arrogant man first.

Edward tried his best to suppress his anger. He shook his head helplessly and said,"Let's go! Eat the dinner first. I will come back to this issue after we eat. Don't try to get by that easily."

"Okay. You can punish me in any way you want after dinner. Whether you hit me or blame me, I will never talk or fight back." Daisy played up to Edward, her aloof face filled with sweet smiles. Edward was overwhelmed by her expression but then, could not do anything to her. She seemed to really know his weakness, so she was turning all soft on him.

"When did I hit you before? Don't label and bludgeon me randomly." Edward carefully pulled down her trousers. He couldn't make out if it was serious or not since it was wrapped with a bandage. Regardless, he was already doomed to worry about her for the rest of his life.

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