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   Chapter 960 Good Job (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5656

Updated: 2019-01-23 02:55

"What happened, Daisy?" Cynthia asked anxiously as she saw Daisy rush across the dining room.

"Oh! I'm about to go to the kitchen to fetch some ice bags. I seem to have used too much force and caused some bruises on his leg. I'm going to apply cold compress on him and then apply some medicine." Daisy said, looking embarrassed, with guilt written all over her face. The man she hurt was Cynthia's only son and she couldn't be sorrier.

"Is it very serious? Do we need to send for Tom to have a check-up on him?" Cynthia automatically stood upright upon hearing her. The concern in her eyes was immeasurable.

"No, it's not that serious. I can take care of him. Don't worry, you may continue to eat. I will handle him and it will not take me long." Daisy directly walked into the kitchen as she finished her words. The ice bags were brought there by Tom the last time. They had been reserved in the fridge and were handy anytime.

"Grandma, continue to eat your dinner. Daddy is just exaggerating. He is just doing that to gain Mommy's sympathy. He is fine. Don't worry too much." Justin wasn't able to stop himself from saying those as he saw how anxious his grandmother was. His Daddy was a mischievous man after all. He was even more mischievous than himself.

"Really?" Cynthia still felt really worried. She felt restrained from rushing to Edward because she didn't want Daisy to feel guilty. It took her more seconds hesitating before she finally sat down.

"Don't worry, Mom. Mr. Mu will be fine. Mrs. Mu won't hurt him too much." Luke also assured Cynthia as he saw her worried face.

"Lukie, doesn't it sound strange? You call me Mom but you call Edward Mr. Mu, does that m

the trick and continued to apply the ointment on him carefully. It was only a joke anyway and she knew when to stop. The whole thing might turn ugly if she crossed the line.

"How about I press your leg and see if it hurts?" Edward said with a sullen face. He never thought that the upright Daisy could actually stab his back just like that.

"Okay, Come on, I'm giving you the chance to press here." Daisy smiled gently and put her foot before him. She would like to see how he wanted to revenge himself.

"Huh! Stop fooling around! You have no injuries on your leg at all. By the way, do you really think that I could hurt you?" Edward finally opened his eyes and stared at her angrily.

"You can see by yourself whether I have injuries or not." Not taking her foot back, Daisy looked at him with full ease.

"Honey, judging it from what you said, did you get injured again?" Edward suddenly forgot his own injury upon hearing what she said. He didn't even mind about their argument and hurriedly rolled up her leg trousers to examine her. The sight of the white bandage on her leg proved that his guess was right.

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